Music for a Sunday: A little breeze from Cuba

A lively yet understated version of a great classic by Carlos Puebla.

And one sent to me by a friend who, like me, is waiting for another revolution of conscience and justice, this time on mainland North America. Since torture has happened/is happening at Gitmo (though not at Cuban hands!), it still relates to Cuba, too.

May the winds of change get blowing in earnest, now.

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One Response to Music for a Sunday: A little breeze from Cuba

  1. Great selection, ‘Bina. A little mellow to the great Che to get the eyes pried open and then the blood boiling anthem to bring the war criminals to justice. ‘Resolution’ should be the “Hell No, We Won’t Go” and the “We Shall Overcome” rolled into one to bring some sanity back to the US.

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