Stupid Sex Tricks: German announcer professionalism fail

He makes a bad double entendre and grabs at her boobs. She calls him a “total idiot” on camera. And that’s not all she does.

Atta gal!

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2 Responses to Stupid Sex Tricks: German announcer professionalism fail

  1. Gawd! Some people have no couth at all. Good for her. She really pegs him one good! She should be the poster woman for how to combat sexual harassment. I LOVE this site.

  2. What’s really great is how she chews him out. First he babbles something about her “two best points”, then the grab, then she hits him. And then she tells him he’s an assclown, and when he lamely says he was “just kidding”, she says something like “Very funny. As usual, nobody’s laughing.” Apparently he’s a repeat offender for that sort of thing, too.
    And she’s a Czech, so German is probably only her SECOND language. She’s an articulate one!

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