Stupid Sex Tricks: Woohoo, Back to School!


Actually, these could come in handy for high school sex ed, assuming it’s not abstinence-only. (That would be an Epic Fail. Abstinence-only always is.)

PS: And this is why those condoms should be on the agenda for sex ed:


…along with a lengthy lecture on why pregnancy at 14 is NEVER a good idea.

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2 Responses to Stupid Sex Tricks: Woohoo, Back to School!

  1. She’s back! Lookout world, she’s back! That is too funny.
    You KNOW every male on that campus, wherever it is will buy those because they all KNOW that theirs is magnum size. Someone ought to tell them that if you buy the big size and you don’t have the chops for it, they lead and you can be paying child support for the next 18 years.
    I’m also sure that if you ask the women at that campus about it the response will be a suppressed giggle then a stifled shake of the head. No not that one.

  2. This is why the Morning-After Pill should be sold in vending machines on campus. Accidents happen, and condom slippage/breakage is one you don’t want to sit through a weekend after, biting your nails in terror, only to run into the campus clinic on Monday morning, panicking.
    And those “extra large” boxes should come with a peter-meter on the side: “Must be at least this long and wide”, etc. Except that might get guys whipping theirs out in public…
    BTW, one of the things I learned early on was that you shouldn’t take “mine is too big for condoms” as an excuse. They’re RUBBER. They STRETCH. Meaning, one size truly does fit all–unless he’s endowed with an acorn.
    (You’re welcome, girls. Now don’t forget to MAKE HIM WEAR IT.)

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