Wankers of the Week: Diary of a Madman edition

Oh lord, I didn’t think I was gonna do another “Wankers” post this week, but then some totally fucking insane shit happened, and now look what it’s gone and made me do, ha-ha…

1. George Fucking Sodini. For his racism, his sexism, his right-wing politics, and his just plain old downright fucking creepiness. With a track record like that, it’s amazing that the ladies didn’t come flocking! I doubt very much that he even met “30 million women”, as he claims, but I can well believe that every woman he ever met rejected him; I would, too, and I’m twice the age of the chicks he was looking for. Good riddance to the loser–too bad he had to kill three innocent women before turning his gun on himself. All you downer dudes out there, please do us a favor–if you want to die, just die, already, and don’t try to take anyone else with you. Especially if “anyone else” is female. If they reject you in life, what makes you think they’d embrace you in death?

2. and 3. George Fucking Sodini’s “dating” and “seduction” gurus. Who’s the bigger loser of the two? Hard to say. Both fit any thinking woman’s definition of “icky-poo”. And if any man came on to me with the ludicrous arrogance that these two poseurs recommend, I’d laugh right in his face. I’d have done so in my teens, too–in fact, I did that to my share of high-school creeps with similar “can’t-miss” tactics. If it doesn’t work on high-school girls, what makes anyone think it will work on women barely past high-school age? Again, a few helpful hints for you guys out there who still don’t get it: Misogyny is not a chick magnet. If you can’t handle a real relationship with a grown woman, go talk to your hand. Our faces ain’t listening anymore, and guys like these are the reason why. Don’t be like them unless you wanna end up being rejected by 30 million women, too.

4. The Dissociated Fucking Press, AGAIN. Srsly, what’s to “be understood” here? The guy hated everyone he saw as being out to take away his white male privileges. Human rights, to him, were about something being taken away from his small minority of humanity, and given to the unwashed brown masses and the uppity wimmin. Don’t waste our time with drivel about how sad and misunderstood the guy was. We don’t want to feel sorry for him, and we already understand plenty. Address the racism and the misogyny that made him so fucking repulsive–sorry, “misunderstood”–in the first place!

5. Fucking “Roissy in DC”. Put your real name to your misogynous maunderings, douchebag. And post a nude picture of yourself so we can see what a prize we’re getting in the form of wonderful you and your ineffable patronage. More likely, we’d see what you’ve got against us females in general, though; I’m sure we wouldn’t give your dick the time of day. We couldn’t find it without a scanning electron microscope!

6. And that goes for all Roissy’s little fucktard hangers-on, too. Justifying a murderer’s acts on the basis of the shithead “not getting any” is just…ugh. Do the women of the world a REAL favor…please, just tattoo a big ornate capital L on your foreheads so we won’t have to bother with you or your mind-fucking “game”.


7. These fucking dickweeds too, please. Getting “game” and getting real are two different things, and they’re diametrically opposed. To think otherwise is to have a brain even smaller than your already pathetic widdle pee-pee.

8. R. B. Fucking Thieme. For providing this killer with a theological underpinning. A misogynous one, natch.

9. Erin Fucking Micklow. How clueless can a girl get? If Sodini were really trying to improve himself, he’d have gone to a shrink, not a sexist bullshit huckster like your boss. He didn’t need dating skills, he needed counseling and probably meds as well. Learning how to chase chicks young enough to be one’s daughter is NOT “self-improvement”–and didn’t he squick you out just the least little bit with those dead snake eyes of his? Sheesh. You need to find a better job, dudette.

10. Naomi Fucking Lakritz. Nice straw-feminist argument you got going there, Ms. Lackwits. I understand that this is the kind of thing that a cowgal needs to say in order to get a date in the misogynist meat-market that is Calgary, but really–must you be such a clue-challenged contrarian douchette about the god-damned Montreal Massacre and its obvious parallel to this one? And haven’t you questioned just what kind of “favorable” male attention this cutesy crap is likely to draw? Here, have a clue-by-four, dear:


You catch more flies with “honey” than vinegar, indeed. But what kind of woman wants to have flies all over her?

11. And speaking of flies, let’s hear a rousing Bronx cheer for all those scat-munching outhouse denizens whose Sodini-admiring comments are listed here. What is this “tax” shit, anyway? You whiny wimps really need to get your peepees whacked. No, make that whacked off–and jammed down your throat or up your rectum, so you know how it really feels on the other side of the gender divide. Don’t like how that makes me sound? Well, what a coinkydink–that’s exactly how you sound to women! And they don’t like it any better. (The get-a-life implications of all this should be blindingly obvious by now, shouldn’t they, boys?)

12. All the phony fucking “nice guys” out there. They not only write drivel like what one finds on G
eorgie’s blog
, but also whine-o-rhea like this. Or they act like the guy in this toon:


Which makes me think they’re not really nice after all, and just makes me so totally relate to all the women who reject them. Oh hell, I’m one of those women. And no, I don’t feel guilty or responsible for what it’s done to poor Georgie, because it’s not women’s fault that some guys are repulsive, entitled, passive-aggressive, hate-oozing losers. I just wish he’d fucked off and died alone, is all.

And finally: anyone who identifies with this sick bastard, or who doesn’t like what I said here, you can go do the same. Don’t bother commenting–I’ve already seen your splooge, and I don’t want it all over my blog, too. Here, have a candy:


And have a nice day.

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11 Responses to Wankers of the Week: Diary of a Madman edition

  1. MY GAWD! I had NO idea that there were so many sicko’s and wierdo’s out there. It’s like this insanity brought all of the George Sondini’s in the world out of hiding and onto the street. Great post ‘Bina! I can’t believe the number of WOMEN who were apologists for these Neanderthals! Still my favorite blog.

  2. Thanks, Jim…and yeah, I couldn’t believe there were ANY women who’d defend this sort of thing, myself. But there are, and I’m sure the two I picked on here are not as unique as they appear simply for having pipped my radar. I don’t know if there’s something gross in the Calgary water system, or if this is a particularly convoluted low self-esteem issue for these women, or what. I do know that it skeeves me out very nearly as much as the creeps who go to these seminars thinking they’ll learn how to pick up any woman, anywhere, any time, infallibly. Or who kill when they learn that their “infallible” pickup-artist techniques won’t work–anywhere, anytime, on anyone. Internalizing patriarchy is bad in a man, but absolutely deadly for a woman. Those girls who let these clowns “pick their brains” are lucky to be alive, and they don’t even know it!

  3. Slave Revolt says:

    Incredibly sick shit. Nice job Bina.
    What do we expect from a culture that apologizes for all types of sick shit.
    The hatred of women and the destruction of our ecological systems should give a thinking person a clue.
    But one cannot ‘buy’ such a clue–it has to come from basic respect and empathy.
    Good to see you in your usual form.

  4. Thanks, amigo. Glad to see you back here, too.
    And yes, you’re so right–the lack of respect is appalling. These guys don’t like women; their whole “lifestyle” is a metaphorical urination on all things female and specifically, the feminist. The only way I could counter it without getting sick and discouraged by all this bitchy-boy shit was to ridicule it. Because I’m pretty sure a lot of these “players” are younger than me, and nothing scares those kiddies more than a big, bad feminist woman who laughs and points at their shortcomings. That’s a woman they can’t overpower, even if they don’t respect women in general or women like me in particular.
    I fully expect to see a few of them violate the no-wank-here warning, or try to. Woman-haters of all stripes just can’t resist the impulse to put a woman in what they think is her place, as previous “Wanker” threads here have demonstrated quite amply.
    I have bad news for them: A woman’s place is wherever SHE says it is. This is MY place, and intruders will be dealt with as they would be if they broke into my house. I have an aluminum baseball bat beside my desk, literally and metaphorically. And I know how to use it.

  5. Vera Prima says:

    Roissy’s last name:
    My guess: Jim Wiedmann (James C.) He works for a private regulatory organization for brokerage firms.

  6. Heh. Figures that the wanker just couldn’t resist the urge to brag.
    Figures, too, that he’s part of the non-regulatory “regulatory” system responsible for this economic trainwreck the US is in.
    Is there anything about these wankers that doesn’t figure?

  7. Vera Prima says:

    Heh, just enjoy seeing “Roissy’s real name” pop up in Google.
    Oh, and Jimbo is 41, not 37 as stated in this profile. Same month and day, though.
    A little too old for that emo haircut.

  8. A little too old for that bra-strap-snapping shit, too. What is it about “players” and their fear of growing up, I wonder? It’s not the same thing as getting old. But it is quite possible to get old without having grown up, and it’s always pathetic when it happens.
    Of course, it’s never pathetic to those whom it concerns most, and that’s what’s most pathetic of all.

  9. Lady Raine says:

    I tried to make sure that Roissy’s real name pops up as much as possible in Google and anywhere else that I can possibly find 🙂
    Yes, good old Jim Wiedmann is nothing more than a mid-40’s guy, living alone in his condo (creepy bachelor pad) and still trying to rock the “emo-prep” look of a 19 year old.
    He is at the core a wimp who sent his “friends” to beg me to take down the posts about him and his personal info, but I really think that it’s about time someone finally slapped him around a bit.
    No remorse here, my friends!!!

  10. And no reason why there should be. This guy is actively endangering women’s lives with his bad “advice”.
    (Besides which, that pic of him is too funny for words. Are we supposed to find THAT fuckable?)

  11. I believe the hatred of women spread by the PUA/MRA industry is just as harmful as what the KKK does. Roissy’s blog in particular includes an alarming amount of ethnic, racial, and gender hate-speech.
    For those who think it is unfair to expose James C. Weidmann as the misogynistic “Roissy in DC”, consider this: James C. Weidmann’s job is to investigate and expose white collar crime: financial fraud. So, why does he encourage men to emotionally, psychologically, and sexually defraud women in any possible? As far as I’m concerned, the latter is just as harmful and criminal – if not more so.
    We can only hope that Weidmann’s employer, FINRA and the D.C. police will hold him accountable for his inciting of sexual and physical violence against women on his blog.
    We can also hope that psychologists, psychiatrists, and evolutionary psychologists will speak out against his misuse of psychological theories and his claim of knowledge of “female psychology”.
    What we do know is that he understands how fraud works and that on his blog behind a cowardly mask of anonymity (which he himself blew in an interview) encourages men to defraud women in any way possible.
    FINRA: What will you do with this person on your staff? Read your own diversity policy posted on your website.
    Also, I will NEVER invest with FINRA because the man who is Roissy in DC is employed there.
    And, I will make sure to spread the word to other investors I know.
    The mask of anonymity that PUAs and MRAs hide behind is more evidence of their cowardice.
    Use your real names! Keep leaving comments on my blog, but use your real names!
    Let’s have a civil intelligent discussion and debunk the PUA and MRA misinformation campaign about the instances of violence against men by women, about “the marriage strike”, and about their other blatantly inaccurate statistics and “theories”.
    PUA is violent snake oil sold to desperate men who would benefit much more from therapy and reading several good books such as those by:
    Ian Kerner
    Jackson Katz
    Robert Jensen
    Terence Gorski
    Todd Denny
    Charles Whitfield
    Evan Stark
    Lundy Bancroft
    John Gottman
    Howard Halpern
    Talane Meidaner
    Maggie Scarf
    Helen Fisher
    John Bradshaw
    Jeanne Segal
    Knudson-Martin and Mahoney
    and others who are
    QUALIFIED to discuss psychology and issues of power and sexuality between human beings.

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