A sleeping giant too angry to scrapbook

Yes, it’s a parody. But only just. The real ‘wingers really ARE this stupid. Here’s the original:

Next up: Chris Crocker cries and tells us to leave Shanneen alone!

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14 Responses to A sleeping giant too angry to scrapbook

  1. Polaris says:

    Obama told the students to stay in school and learn. OMG! That’s Socialism! Wingers want the kids to remain undereducated and stuck in slave wage jobs for life. It’s an old story.
    At the end of WW II in the United States the Republicans tried to kill the GI Bill that provided advanced education to millions of returning veterans. It was really the first time that such an education was available to millions of low and moderate income people in the USA. The Republicans told the people who sacrificed to win the war that it was an undeserved give-away. They wanted the returning veterans to remain undereducated and underpaid for life.
    The GI Bill turned out to be one of the most profitable investments in history and it returned at least seven dollars for every dollar invested.

  2. I seem to recall that Republicans were behind another shameful act against veterans, too–denying World War I vets their bonuses, which a lot of them were relying on to get them through the hard times in the Depression. When they marched on Washington to demand what was theirs by right, the army was sent out to clobber them. One of the young officers in charge of that operation was Dwight D. Eisenhower, who would later win fame as the general who received Germany’s surrender in the next world war, and who would go on to become a golf-playing president. I wonder if he would have participated in that little charm offensive if he knew what was really going on, and if he could have foreseen the benefits the GI Bill would later bring–creating the largest middle class the country had ever had.
    Like I so often say, socialism is good for capitalism. A sevenfold return on investment from the GI Bill–let’s see any “pure” capitalist venture do better than that!

  3. Polaris says:

    I think General Douglas MacArthur commanded the bonus disaster and the lower ranking Eisenhower helped to carry it out. I am not sure how Eisenhower felt about it at the time but he and MacArthur seem to have never been very fond of each other.
    Eisenhower appeared to be coming around a bit in his later years when he warned us about the military industrial complex. He said the cost of one bomber aircraft equaled the cost of a hospital or two schools that might not be built. He mentioned the danger of extremists taking over the Republican Party if something was not done about them.
    If Eisenhower tried to run today as a Republican the far right broadcasters would be saying that Eisenhower is a faggy, tree hugging, bed wetting liberal.
    Not long ago Eisenhower’s son, retired General John Eisenhower, publicly changed his Republican Party registration because he was fed up with the party and he officially became an independent voter. He said he voted for John Kerry in 2004.
    The Republican Party is so far gone even Nancy Reagan has let it be known that the party is in danger of becoming the Sarah Palin Party.

  4. MacArthur really was a prick, wasn’t he? I bet he was fine in battle with a real enemy, but I can never understand how any general could lead an assault on his own people–and worse, the same army he came out of. But I guess, class warfare being what it is, he must have felt justified in what he was doing by the fact that “they” were all from the low end of the totem pole.
    I often think the last good Republican was Abe Lincoln. Everything since him has just been rolling steadily downhill, and of late, gravity seems to have taken over–they’re now just speeding to the bottom.

  5. Polaris says:

    A Republican politician in the room openly called Obama a liar last night during Obama’s healthcare speech. The Obama opposition’s far right Senator John McCain and many others like him said such a remark under those circumstances at that location was unprecedented and went much too far.
    The guy who called Obama a liar is also a military reservist and the military code of justice allows Commander in Chief Obama to take some heavy measures against the fool if Obama wishes.
    The GOP is a regional jerkwater party. Their dream ticket for 2012 is Sarah Palin and Joe the Plumber.

  6. Got his name? I think he might just fit on my wankers list this week.

  7. Polaris says:

    Republican Congressman Joe Wilson of South Carolina is the name of the prospective wanker and he certainly deserves to make your list.
    The White Wilson comes from a time and place where Blacks were non-persons and Wilson is incapable of accepting anything Obama says or does.

  8. Done–he makes the Weekly Wankapedia. 😀

  9. Polaris says:

    Congressman Joe Wilson also happens to be a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, which favors secession and claims that slavery was a benign institution.
    Wilson voted to keep the Confederate flag flying over the state capitol building in South Carolina. He’s a living dinosaur.

  10. Somehow, I’m not surprised. My wanker entry for him already notes the flag, but not his part in putting/keeping it there. I shall have to amend accordingly (she said, grinning maliciously…)

  11. Polaris says:

    Sorry some of the Joe Wilson info is reaching you in dribs and drabs, Bina, but when I made the first post here about Wilson my search engine was slow to get details about him, probably because so many outraged people were looking him up at about the same time.
    I could not recall his name at first so I did not mention it, and when I tried to find it the process was too slow. Later on after you asked for his name the searching speed was more reasonable. He’s about 62 years old now so he probably has many more yet to be discovered skeletons in his closet. 🙂

  12. Not a problem. I’ve still got a few hours to go before I post, so he’ll be thoroughly wanked-out. 😀

  13. Polaris says:

    An excellent Joe Wilson wanking!
    In one of his previous races Wilson won with about 70% of the vote. In a later race he was down to around 60% and in 2008 he won with 54% of the vote, to 46% for his Democratic opponent Rob Miller. It was the closest race in that district in 20 years.
    Mr. Miller plans to run again in 2010. The Wilson rant has been helping Miller to raise more money, but it has also been helping Wilson to raise more cash.
    If Miller was only 8% behind the last time, the Wilson meltdown might be enough to put Miller over the top in 2010.

  14. Yeah, I heard how many protest donations flowed to Miller after Wilson wanked in public. A wank too far! LOL. Let’s hope Miller proves much more progressive, and that his campaign ads play back this awful moment for everyone to see and remember.
    I just hope he’s not one of those annoying Blue Dogs, who bite and piss on their own.

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