Bloodless coup still proceeding bloodlessly as ever in Honduras


From El Tiempo de Honduras, via Aporrea, something else the coup’s apologists don’t want you to see:

A teenager died yesterday afternoon, after shouting “coupmongers” at a group of police from Patrol 4-10, according to family members and neighbors who witnessed the crime.

The victim was identified as Elvis Jacobo Euceda Perdomo, 18. He died in the Las Colinas neighborhood, Carmen municipality, of two rifle shots.

The youth, who often gathered firewood from a nearby hill to earn pocket money, was riding a red bicycle at the time. He was headed to the local soccer pitch to play a game.

Emergency personnel at the scene discovered a shell casing corresponding to the official police issue.

According to witnesses, the crime occurred as the teenager was passing near the police patrol and shouted “coupmongers”. At that moment, one of the police (who was not identified by name) got down from the vehicle and fired his rifle at the boy, who was some 70 metres away.

The shots struck the victim in his head and back. While waiting for the authorities to arrive at the scene, the victim’s family members covered his corpse with a white sheet.

Translation mine.

But of course, we fully expect to see that pool of blood underneath the youngster photoshopped away when this incriminating story finally hits the lamestream pro-coup anglo media. Just like last time.

Sadly, we expect no better from the media anymore.

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3 Responses to Bloodless coup still proceeding bloodlessly as ever in Honduras

  1. Snarla says:

    Shooting a guy to death for yelling from a distance? Big man.

  2. uzza says:

    That’s really what it says, isn’t it? He wasn’t killed by anyone, he just “died after shouting”. Just wow.
    At least whoever wrote the headline was honest–“Police Kill Boy”

  3. Yep.
    If nothing else, it proves that he pegged the cops exactly for what they were–putschists. Who else would shoot an unarmed kid in the back?

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