Chavecito pwns Fux Snoozer

Watch this and laugh:

Finally, someone puts the racist, self-righteous, imbecilic Fux-ers in their place. And he does it so sweetly, too.

Why can’t any of the Dems (Obama included) show this much courage and style?

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2 Responses to Chavecito pwns Fux Snoozer

  1. Snarla says:

    That was a breath of fresh air.
    I don’t understand why the Fox guy keeps talking instead of waiting for an answer. I guess because he’s a piss-poor interviewer.

  2. Yep. All FUXers are more interested in badgering than news-gathering. They like to play “gotcha”.
    Chavecito, however, is wise to dirty media tricks–the Venezuelan commercial media are really horrible, so he’s had lots of experience in that respect. Considering the role the Venezuelan media played in the coup of ’02 (i.e., ramping up propaganda against him for months, openly urging anti-government demonstrations, constantly calling for his arrest and/or execution, hiding the truth about the coup as it happened), it’s easy to see why he doesn’t let these guys get away with bad reporting anymore. He knows that they are to the US what Globovisión, etc., are to Venezuela.

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