Festive Left Friday Blogging: Chavecito and Evo in Nueva York

Chavecito rocks the UN:

…and shocks the crAP, no doubt by disappointing them. Damn, this time they can’t make out like he’s crazy! (Last time, he was only joking–and they neglected to report the laughs and appreciative applause he got.)

Meanwhile, here’s Evo:

…who undoubtedly shocked the press in his own right. El Duderino reports that NBC was googling the search terms “Evo Morales crazy” when they landed on his blog.

Joke’s on the anglo media. These two are both sane, and immensely popular. Why? Because they dare to say what the sleazy anglo media do not.

That, and they’re just plain hot stuff.

PS: Via Paul Escobar at BoRev, the pic that says it all about Chavecito at the UN:


Fun: Chavecito has it.

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