Gorilletti: Arrogant ape calls for insurrection in Venezuela, orders Brazil around


Famous last words? Maybe not, but I have a feeling that all of this will come back to haunt the current de-facto dictator of Honduras–preferably when he’s sitting in a nice, dank cell in a penitentiary somewhere:

On Monday night, the de facto president of Honduras, Roberto Micheletti, told Venzuelans to “get rid of” president Hugo Chávez Frías, claiming he was a menace to the Venezuelan economy.

Micheletti, ringleader of the junta that launched a coup d’état against the legitimate president, Manuel Zelaya, once again claimed a supposed “interference” on the part of Chávez, whom he called a “dictator”, as an excuse to call for insurrection in Venezuela during an interview he gave to the channel Televicentro.

“Get rid of that dictator politically, because he’s doing damage to your economy….You have to have dignity and don’t give him any more chances to humiliate you,” Micheletti harangued the Venezuelan people.

Regarding the declarations made by US secretary of state Hillary Clinton, and Costa Rican president Oscar Arias, who both expressed themselves in favor of the return of Zelaya and asked for compliance [on Micheletti’s part] with the San José Accord, Micheletti said: “I hope Hillary and Arias like what’s coming out of Zelaya’s return now, and that they don’t complain if there are lamentable consequences.

“I think what Arias did ended when Zelaya got here, this immediately broke any accord we reached. I respect the opinion of the gringos but they can say what they like–this is our position, the sovereign one taken by the people of Honduras,” said Micheletti.

He said he maintains his position on the reinstatement of Zelaya: “He must present himself before justice and be judged. There is no other way out but before justice, it’s the obligation of any citizen who has committed a crime.”

He ruled out any chance that “Mel” would return to take the reins of Honduras: “There is no form in which he could return to the presidency, he left the country without being president of the republic.”

Finally, regarding the decision of Brazil to house Zelaya in its embassy, he said that Brazil must either grant him asylum or hand him over to Honduran justice.

Translation mine; emphasis added.

So, you can now see clearly the arrogance of this unelected little man. Not only has he usurped power in his native Honduras; now he’s trying to tell Brazil and Venezuela what to do, too. And he’s telling the US to back off, too? And he thinks he is “the people of Honduras”?

And after breaking with the San José Accord (which should never have been reached, IMO, because it grants him way too much bogus legitimacy) he has the gall to accuse Zelaya, who complied, of breaking it?

And oh yeah, then there’s the little matter of his ordering Zelaya deported–in his pajamas. Excuse me, who committed the crime, again?

Maybe a max-security rubber suite at the nuthouse would be in order. Where else would you house someone who thinks he’s Napoleon?

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