Israeli torture device used in Honduras

The longer the siege of the Brazilian embassy goes on, the more interesting details keep coming to light. Not only has Peru been sending tear-gas grenades to the Honduran dictator and his military enablers, arms-dealing Israel has also been in on the evil:


Photo found at Aporrea. The caption reads: “Latest-generation Israeli device, used in repressions and torture. Causes damage to the ears and loss of balance. President Zelaya denounced this from the Brazilian Embassy.

“Whose are the whitey-white hands that are setting it up?”

Note, too, the hearing protectors on the soldier in the middle. This is clearly an ear-damager.

Israel has gone from “Never Again!” to “It’s not fascism when WE do it” in the space of less than 65 years.

What does that say about them?

PS: Oh, FUCK. They’re definitely plotting Mel’s murder, and thinking this will make it look like suicide. Worse, some really fucking stupid bloggers believe he’s crazy already. Think I should send them this link to let them know THEY are the mental cases?

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3 Responses to Israeli torture device used in Honduras

  1. ‘Bina, OMG did you look at the helmet of the guy with the whitey white hands? Tell me I’m seeing things. Does our government ever know which side of its mouth it is talking out of?

  2. Yeah, I noticed that too. I’m wondering if it’s just a trick of angles, and the “POLI” part of POLICIA got cut off, or if it’s really the CIA after all.
    For all I know, it could be both. The CIA is well known for infiltrating local militaries and police forces all over Latin America.

  3. Slave Revolt says:

    Jeez, Chavez totally linked Fux Abuse. Nice.
    Yeah, rub the dead Iraqis and and the hundreds of thousands murdered by US imperialism in their face.

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