More Wankers of the Week: Values Votership in Action!

Oh man, this is sheer comedy gold:

Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Linda Putz (yes, she really IS a Putz!) and her grumpy old unnamed friend. The media were kind enough to come and give them publicity, and now they complain that it’s “rude and disrespectful”?

And hey! These guys are equal opportunity haters. Look who else they decided to bother:

And this, ladies ‘n’ gents, is why FUX is not the network to watch if you want to learn anything. The reporter-dude started out okay, saying he was there to do a job and report on the shindig (which is true, and which one devoutly wishes they’d always do–leaving out their usual cheerleading of course), but the grumpy old coot just keeps at him and at him, and in less than a minute, he CAVES IN.

This is journalism?

Actually, this is what’s called an “own goal”. Like I said, the “Values Voters” invited these people. They wanted the publicity. But then, when it looked like MSNBC was actually doing its job and reporting the inanities of the agenda, that’s what got the “polite and respectful” badge-wearers all riled up. The last thing they want is for the rest of the world to see what bag they really come out of. They want deferential toe-sucking and sugar-slopping, not honest reporting. (Or half-hearted attempts thereat, in this case…)

There really is no pleasing some people, eh?

(Thanks to Lloyd Dangle at Troubletown for digging that nugget up.)

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