Music for a Sunday: What’s wrong with going around in the buff?

“En Cueros”, a rockin’ number from Cuba’s own Buena Fe.

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2 Responses to Music for a Sunday: What’s wrong with going around in the buff?

  1. Well, besides the fact that the world is not ready to see me in the buff…nothing. If I looked like that young man, I would strut around in the buff and the prissy church lady across the street be damned.
    Great sound and great lyrics. One of the benefits of finally getting rid of this damnable blockade of Cuba will be the opportunities and access to different markets for a lot of talent that has been stifled for 50+ years.
    Nice pick.

  2. LOL!
    Actually, as the lyrics say, it’s not literal nudity but figurative. At first I was scratching my head at the figure of speech, thinking “There’s nothing wrong with wearing leather, unless you’re a vegan.” Then it hit me–they were talking about SKIN. And only metaphorically–it’s about baring the soul as opposed to the flesh. It’s also about the media and about how lies are passed off as truth. In the end, this song asks the question: What’s wrong with telling it like it really is?
    So, Jim, you can relax–you’re safe!
    (BTW, Buena Fe is hugely–and justly so–popular in Venezuela. Mario Silva has been playing this song a lot on the past week on his show, La Hojilla. That’s where they dissect all the lies the opposition media’s been dishing up lately. I’m so glad we’ve got the Internets–I can see for myself without having to go there. It’s absolutely astonishing how much “reporting” is, in fact, pure crapaganda!)

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