Oh, those crazy Canucks!

Would you just LISTEN to them?

Can you believe they don’t know what a “co-pay” is? One guy thinks it’s one of those drinks with the little umbrella in them! Well, maybe the little umbrella protects you from something? I’m sure it’s a better protection than the US healthcare “system” is. After all, that’s where the REAL death panels are…

Full disclosure: Yes, I too am a crazy Canuck. I was hit by a car at 14 and suffered a really badly broken pelvis. I went to Sick Kids in Toronto that same day. Best children’s hospital in the country; even attracts doctors from overseas (my orthopedic surgeon was British–“luv” that accent!) AND the US. Cost to me and my parents: NADA.

Meaning, no drink with the little umbrella in it, either. I can live without that!

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6 Responses to Oh, those crazy Canucks!

  1. Manaat says:

    Do you have Indian doctors in Canada too?

  2. Polaris says:

    Some of the health insurance companies in the United States fly their clients thousands of miles to foreign countries with the dreaded national, single payer healthcare to have some surgeries performed, because it’s much cheaper than having it done in the homeland, even with the cost of travel and lodging. And then they claim that national healthcare in the USA will not work. 🙂

  3. And there are some who believe them. That’s the sad part.

  4. Slave Revolt says:

    So fortunate that you lived through that tragedy, Bina. Indeed, I understand that your experience gives you a deep empathy with humans that need quality and affordable health care.
    One of the reasons that they prohibit travel to Cuba is that they are afraid of health tourism. At least that is what I think.
    Keep up your blogging. Biting and cogent material, as usual.

  5. Thanks, amigo! I think you’re right. Especially since “Sicko” came out, and people can see that in Cuba, doctors really are just about medicine, not profit. (That part set in Cuba always makes me cry, especially when the firefighters turn out to salute the 9-11 first responders.)

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