Quotable: Joe Sudbay on the March of the Teabags

“I’d like to make a friendly suggestion to the teabaggers: Get a hobby, do some volunteer work, or better yet work out and get some exercise. These people need lives. They were a stream of vitriol walking to the Capitol. Watching them, if you didn’t know better, you’d think that somehow Obama was some kind of third world dictator. Here’s a note to the teabaggers: We have these things in America called elections. Our side won. That’s why Obama is in power. Your side lost. It’s called democracy. My goodness, they are sore losers.”

–Joe Sudbay, on AmericaBlog

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1 Response to Quotable: Joe Sudbay on the March of the Teabags

  1. deBeauxOs says:

    Yup, the sorriest and biggest sore losers. Ev-er!

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