Revealed: FUX Snooze is fake news!

So, FUX Snooze Corp. claims that nobody else covered all the teabagging going on last week in Washington? Well, that was a lie, as CNN’s leading right-wing douchebag, Rick Sanchez, went to extraordinary lengths to prove. Now, we have evidence that they were actually out there, egging on their sheeple:

Watch the girl in the green top. She’s a FUX producer, Heidi Noonan. She repeatedly whips up the crowd, then moves off camera when she notices she’s being taped. But she’s not the only one–Griff Jenkins, the reporter, can also be seen waving the mike around like he’s trying to whip them up before he gets in front of them to do his stand-up. Guess the crowd just wasn’t loud and “angry” enough to make the “report” exciting!

So, here’s the deal with FUX: They don’t report. They fake up nonexistent news. And they do it with “protests” that they advertise for months on end in advance.

What can we decide, based on revelations like this?

PS: Don’t miss the other video here, in which we see what went on in front of the “official” FUX-cam. The fact that even the stooge, Griff Jenkins, is overtly promoting it (remember, he whips up the crowd in the video I put here), should tell you: This is so NOT grassroots. It has Astroturf written all over it. When the stage is covered in corporate-front logos, and the “protesters” have pro-FUX signs and shout pro-FUX slogans, you know what it really is: just another ill-disguised ad for big, faceless corporations who make their money preying on willing suckers. Thanks to Ben for the link.

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3 Responses to Revealed: FUX Snooze is fake news!

  1. Manaat says:

    They seem to have taken the Ven oppo methods to heart.

  2. I’m not surprised. Ever hear of The Leadership Institute? Seems they train Venezuelan oppos AND Fux “journalists”–as well as at least one anti-choice “gotcha” gal, Lila Rose, whose modus operandi is to take a hidden camera into Planned Parenthood facilities to try to catch them out when they help girls who don’t want to report the names of statutory rapists. It’s just one of several common threads I’m noticing between the various right-wing factions of this hemisphere…

  3. Ben Gruagach says:

    There’s some more stuff (including interesting comments) on this topic at

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