So how’d that (cough cough) “global anti-Chávez march” go?


Hang on, I’ll get to the sorry little march in a bit. I found a story on Aporrea about this poster, which I guess was meant to insult Chavecito and El Ecuadorable. (The caption on it says “Why don’t you shut up?” in Russian. How subtle!)

And of course, I had to do SOMETHING with it…


…so I did. Which I’m sure the girls in the pic can understand, as they seem to be transfixed by the sight of two hot guys kissing. (Can you blame them?)

Ahem. Now, about that march…how sad is it when you get projections like this (from the Dissociated Press, natch)?

The Honduras march was led by Roberto Micheletti, who became president when Chavez ally Manuel Zelaya was ousted in a June coup.

“Any politician who tries to stay in power by hitching up with a dictator like Hugo Chavez, he won’t achieve it,” Micheletti said. “We’ll stop him.”


(Gee, that owl looks a lot like Mel Zelaya. Who is coming back to kick Gorilletti’s ass, BTW.)

Don’t worry, as soon as we get pictures of the not-so-vast crowds, we’ll post ’em. In the meantime, enjoy a few anti-Chavista LOLcats. I suspect there are more of them than there are escualidos these days.


UPDATE: Bwahahahahaha…¡qué marchita!

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4 Responses to So how’d that (cough cough) “global anti-Chávez march” go?

  1. Manaat says:

    What is the metaphorical sense of “meter gato por liebre”? It may be a Vzlanism too.

  2. Ya got me…I think it’s one of the more obscure Venezuelanisms. I suspect it has something to do with the “let the cat out of the bag” figure of speech–someone buys a cat in a bag thinking it’s a hare, or something like that. Then they take it home, open it up, and–REEEEEOWWW!–the joke’s on them.
    EDIT: Just looked it up, and I’m close. It means “to swindle, cheat, defraud”, etc.

  3. The guy kissing thing would be normal for Russians. It looks kinky — and may be hot when it’s two sexy guys — but not, say, when it´s Leonid Brezhnev smacking Erich Honecker on the lips. Eeeeeewwwwwww!

  4. Heh…I’ll say not.
    It was pretty gross when the king of Saudi Arabia smooched Dubya, too.
    OTOH, Chavecito plus El Ecuadorable is…YUMMY.
    (BTW, this picture was taken in Bogotá.)

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