Venezuelan opposition comes home to roost in the US

Go. Read. Then tell me if what you see doesn’t look awfully familiar.

Of course, Venezuela had its own “civilized”, media-driven military coup seven years ago. The top brass of the military, together with an assortment of bidnessy types, decided it was worth going over the heads of the voters to remove a brown-skinned, Afro-American “terrorist menace” from the presidential palace. Here’s how THAT panned out, for those who need a refresher:

Like I said…awfully familiar, no?

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12 Responses to Venezuelan opposition comes home to roost in the US

  1. Jasper says:

    Are you a fan of that despot Hugo Chavez? I mean, I knew you were a socialist, but how low can you go?

  2. Fuck, YEAH. I’m a fan of democracy! The so-called “despot” is democratically elected by two-thirds of Venezuela. You got a problem with that? That’s YOUR problem–DEAL WITH IT. You don’t like who they elected? Tough shit. You don’t get to dictate who they elect down there. If you think you do, it’s YOU who are the tyrant and the despot.
    I should ask you how you dare to sink so low as to hate democracy so much that you would deny other countries the right to self-determination. Of course, I already know how–you have a tyrannical nature. You’ve made it quite clear from JJ’s site that you don’t even like women having control of their own bodies. Fortunately, you’re not in power in any sense of the word. You’re not important, you’re impotent. Neener, neener.
    BTW, I banned you for a reason–YOU CONTRIBUTE NOTHING HERE. You’re a waste of time, energy and space. All you do is spout ignorant, hateful, treacly crap, the same shit I could see on any right-wing site if I wanted. Well, I don’t want it; that’s why I don’t frequent Freeperville, or Stormfront, or wherever the hell you slithered in from. From now on, anything you type here will simply be deleted, and the e-mail notifications saved as evidence. If you don’t knock it off, your ISP will get to hear from me. I don’t take kindly to dickweeds who think they can cyberstalk and harass me.
    Back under your rock you go, troll.

  3. sassy says:

    Yes, it looks familiar indeed. (including the troll).

  4. Anthony says:

    Jasper, that Newsmax article promotes the destruction of U.S. American democracy in favor of a far-right military dictatorship.
    Are YOU a fan of despots, Jasper?
    Too bad Auntie Bina banned yo ass, Freeper.

  5. Manaat says:

    Talking about Ven oppos, watch this:

  6. LOL, that was awesome. As a student leader, Julio Rivas is an epic fail (oh, aren’t they all?), but he’s got a brilliant future ahead of him as a Chippendales dancer and Playgirl centrefold!

  7. Manaat says:

    I thought the photos were kinda sexy 🙂
    Btw, there’s another revelation: he isn’t actually a student. He is still hoping to get into a university (kinda old to be a freshman, if you ask me, but it’s never too late to be a student)

  8. Oh, they’re sexy all right–his bum is definitely his best side. 😉
    And yeah, this revelation doesn’t surprise me either. A lot of “student” leaders of the Venezuelan oppos aren’t actual students at all, any more than their “youth” leaders are actually all that young (some are crowding forty, from the wrong side yet). Nixon Moreno spent twelve friggin’ years earning one poli-sci degree (supposedly). Most of that time was spent not studying, but alternately partying and guarimba-ing. And trying to rape and murder cops on the side. And then hiding out in the papal nunciature when the law was catching up to him, before finally fucking off to Peru. (One more reason to argue for greater separation of church and state everywhere, IMO.) Alberto Nolia was always talking about it on his show, emphasizing what a parasite Moreno was for squatting twelve years at a desk some honest student (or three!) could have been using in the meantime. A real indictment of Venezuela’s fancy establishment universities, letting themselves be used like that; it’s proof that they don’t educate for shit. All they do is train spoiled brats to throw increasingly violent tantrums on behalf of corporations, it seems. (Heh: and in the US, the teabaggers are predominantly the uneducated types. Same shit, but much worse-looking assholes.)
    OTOH, the Chavista student leaders are not only really students, but really leaders. I watch them in action and always come away thinking: Yeah, these kids are the real deal. Bright, committed, working their butts off for participatory democracy. And they do this while pursuing education full time, and working paid jobs on the side. One thing you’ll never see THEM doing, though, is posing nude like that!

  9. Manaat says:

    Some more fun satire on Ven oppos:

  10. LOL! Next up, Ven oppos demand freedom for Hannibal “The Cannibal” Lecter! Why does Clarice Starling hate fava beans and nice Chiantis?

  11. Manaat says:

    That julitospaces page was still up and running in the morning, now they’ve made it “you need permission to view this”. Dayumm 🙂

  12. LOL! What has been seen (especially on La Hojilla) cannot be unseen.
    Honestly, these oppo pricks really must think they’re invincible, or that no one is watching them. They haven’t yet learned what I know: It’s no use putting on a face mask before a demo, they’ll still find out it’s you!

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