Who listens to Glenn Beck?

These people do…unfortunately for them:


“We are all Joe Wilson”–i.e. loud obnoxious racist redneck crackers dumber than dogshit. (And destined to lose next year’s midterms, too.)


So, who’s responsible for this pro-death piece of signage? Let’s take a closer look:


The American Life League–another of those handjob brigades advocating for doctor-killing and woman-harassing!


Heinz may have 57 varieties, but the US only has 50 states. And these people think they can tell what a real Hawaiian birth certificate is supposed to look like?


Finally, one of them inadvertently lets slip what the “9/12 movement” is REALLY about: crucifying poor Ms. Liberty!


Slaves worked hard for your ancestors so you could be such an uneducated, racist bitch.


Stupid redneck skanks “heart” Joe Wilson. The rest of us think he’s a turd.


Another one of those who presume to speak for God.


You are all characters from a bad work of fiction? Phew, that’s a relief. Also explains a lot, like why this plot makes no sense and why the “philosophy” it purports to prop up is so god-damned asinine.


No, she’s not a BIT racist…


…is she?


Another of those forced-birth handjobs who believe that the entire economic crisis brought to you by Dubya should be paid off by the kids and grandkids.


At this rate, no. But you still stink.


Careful, sweetie, or the Grammar Nazi will come and explain to you the proper usage of the plural!


This message brought to you by one of those subprime-mortgage suckers who fell for Dubya’s “Ownership Society” bullcrap–hook, line and sinker.


FBI, DOJ–time to police the NRA!


You aren’t allowed to burn the flag in protest, but you’re still allowed to desecrate it. God Bless Amurrica!


Flag Desecration + Thinly Veiled Death Threat = Massive Douchebaggery.


Another fan of bad Russian fiction.


Call out the Honduran Army! Democracy is under so much attack that we may as well destroy it altogether!


Finally, the Beck Brownshirt Brigade reveals its true agenda.


Another thinly veiled death threat, this one from someone who makes blood sacrifices to imaginary trees.


And of course, he has NO statistics to back that up. Guess why.


Just call him “Dishonest Injun”.


Oh yes, you are.


Ms. Uglypants meets…


…the Masked Moron.


Well, at least one of them admits it.


2 + 2 = 5.

Apples + Oranges = Bananas.

This Placard + Its Bearer = Teh Stoopid.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, we get it–you’re a whiny wingnut who thinks he has a point, other than the one on the top of his skull.

Just answer me this, dude–where the fuck were you when Dubya let terrorists in, broke down the social safety net, declared two illegal wars, okayed subprime mortgages, and let New Orleans drown? None of those things registered with you, but then a black dude finally enters the White House as something other than a servant, and you go ballistic? You’re fucked.

And thankfully, so’s your entire sorry-ass widdle bowel movement.

(All pics courtesy of the 9/12 Flickr photostream.)

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18 Responses to Who listens to Glenn Beck?

  1. Snarla says:

    I wish I could find that Ayn Rand quote about Robin Hood on the ‘net and run it by my friend who has recently become a Rand fan.
    The news has a story about a 12-yr-old wife in Yemen who died in childbirth, well giving birth to a stillborn. They focus on the child marriage rather than the society that forces a mother to carry a dead fetus to term instead of allowing her an abortion to save her life.

  2. I suspect the Rand quote is apocryphal, but then again, everything Rand wrote is just that. Trying to source one quote in that entire barely-coherent oeuvre is like looking for the needle in the proverbial haystack.
    As for the 12-year-old–I honestly can’t see much difference between that society and what the Christian-right fundies would collectively cook up over here if they got their way, other than that maybe we won’t be forced to wear veils. The US already has child brides (in fundie-Mormon country) who are married off practically as soon as they start to menstruate. Of course it’s illegal, but that hasn’t stopped them doing it.

  3. jeana Renay HELMS says:

    this is all very sad and makes my stomach hurt—- WHERE were these good folks when cheney bush cheney said bend over????????????

  4. Polaris says:

    Wow. These creatures are absolutely pathological.

  5. ceti_alpha says:

    Time to put on some tights, grab a bow and arrow, and take out the trash…
    Wow — what it really comes down to it, they don’t have a problem spending money on killing people, but go apeshit if you consider spending money to help or heal people, especially if it’s “other” people. Sums up EVIL to me.

  6. Hi, ‘Bina. As I scrolled down through the pictures, I started to wonder about the AGE of the participants. So I started over. Based on the appearance of the mob, wouldn’t they be just TOO horrified to discover that 60+% of the mob are secret infiltrators from those great Socialist Systems, Medicare and Social Security!
    Don’t you just HATE it when REALITY gets in the way of your idiot delusions. And read Ayn Rand? These people for whom anything beyond a 4 letter word is a struggle? I think not! Glen Beck is a moron and his mob is equally imbecilic.
    An imbecile, pompous, corrupt host…$5,000,000.00/yr;
    Non-stop, national, free advertising campaign from the worlds most disgusting media empire coaxing people to participate in the stupidest march ever…$150,000,000.00;
    50-60,000 showing up out of a country of 350,000,000…priceless.

  7. J. A. Baker says:

    Heinz may have 57 varieties, but the US only has 50 states. And these people think they can tell what a real Hawaiian birth certificate is supposed to look like?

    The “57 states” bullshit comes from the primary campaign last year, specifically, this event in Beaverton, OR, when Obama flubbed in stating the number of states he had visited up to that point. Wingnuts jumped on the gaffe like stink on shit. Which is why you’re still seeing it now, a whole 16 months later.

  8. Ah, that explains it. Thanks, JAB!

  9. The Ayn Rand quote comes from Atlas Shrugged. Here is a link to a site that cites it: http://users.law.capital.edu/dmayer/Quotes/
    The list is alphabetized by last name.

  10. Thanks! Figures it was Asshole Shrugged.

  11. JMBosque says:

    Look at all those Medicare recipients amidst people who forgot to take their lithium!

  12. Yep. This is what one can expect to see when health insurance is mainly a corporate concern. All these people who would ordinarily be in mental hospitals are out and roaming the streets, not even properly medicated.
    And worse, some with guns.

  13. Anthony says:

    No wonder I’m thinking of moving to Canada instead of the U.S.; when fucktards like these assholes on above pictures are running around by the tens of thousands (not millions, as Michelle Maglalang claims) with assault rifles and listening to Rush Limbaugh or Michael Savage spreading their filthy hate propaganda, one wonders if America will survive this right-wing assault on democracy. It’s pretty obvious these inbred bastards are rooting for a one-party dictatorship in America…
    …because it’s not Fascism when *THEY* do it.

  14. No argument from me there, Anthony.
    It’s times like these when I appreciate Canada NOT having that much in common with the US.

  15. John Thompson says:

    Is criticizing spelling and grammar the best you can do?
    You want to stand back and see this post from a slightly different angle. This sort of pseudo intellectual bla bla totally blasts any credibility you claim to have right out of the water. It borders on the inane.
    The thing about you tree huggers is this. You hiss and spit at anyone who has the audacity to state they are proud be a white, calling them “white supremacists, while at the same time you belittle their intellect, trying desperately to prove your own superiority.
    Don´t you see the irony?

  16. Actually, there IS no irony. You people are all stupid fucks. You come on here calling ME names–oh, how superior of you! Yeah, dude, you really showed me…that you are everything “we” think you are, and worse.
    You think that just because someone’s not the same color as you, he’s inferior? You believe that because you were told to. And you don’t even have the mental wherewithal to question it, because you get more church than you do schooling. The spelling, grammar, scientific deficiencies of your “logic”, and racism are all symptoms of your general idiocy. THAT’s what’s being criticized. And if you can’t see it, you DESERVE the criticism.

  17. Anthony says:

    I’d rather be a tree-hugger than a white supremacist, John. At least tree-huggers haven’t raped humanity half as much as some white people.
    (Does that make me a self-loathing white man, John? Damn sure it does.)

  18. Self-loathing, no.
    Self-AWARE, yes.
    Something John Boy wouldn’t be if reality bit him. Which I imagine it does regularly, since he’s obviously very angry at it.

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