Yet another Venezuelan oppo crook seeks “asylum” in Peru


If you’re at all aware of who’s who in the Venezuelan wingnutosphere, this one’s name (and his arm-long rap sheet) will be familiar. If not, ladies ‘n’ gents, allow me to introduce someone who’s been long overdue for a good thumping here…

Early this morning, the “political leader” Oscar Pérez, better known as “Cabeza ‘e Motor*”, member of the national directorate of the Alianza Bravo Pueblo party, formally solicited asylum of the foreign ministry of Peru, claiming to be “politically persecuted by the government of President Hugo Chávez and the representatives of the rest of the public powers of Venezuela”, meaning, in particular, Attorney General Luisa Ortega Díaz.

An arrest warrant went out for Oscar Pérez last August 27, from Tribunal 37 of Metropolitan Caracas. Pérez is suspected of instigation to delinquency and delinquent association, as a result of his part in a march on Saturday, August 22, in Caracas, when an attempted riot was thwarted by members of the Metropolitan Caracas Police and the National Guard.

Translation mine. Linkage added so you can see that this is NOT political persecution, but criminal prosecution, that Pérez is trying to elude.

And if you need further proof that it’s crime, not politics, that’s at issue here, have a gander at this:

That’s the opposition’s idea of a “peaceful” march. Deliberate violence, deliberate provocation–followed by (they hope) a crackdown that will give them a perfect excuse to try to oust Chavecito yet again. (April 11, 2002–same shit, ‘nother day.) Pérez was right in the thick of this, inciting–as he likes to do, when he’s not busy shoving innocent people around:

This was taken two years ago, when Pérez (on cellphone, in striped shirt) assaulted a man who didn’t want oppo graffiti on his vehicle.

Or how about journalists?

Here he is, repeatedly assaulting Carlos Echeverri (long hair and shades) of Avila TV.

And here he is bullshitting about a vehicle he STOLE (he’s a repeat offender on those grounds, too). He claims it was given to him by the government of the state of Miranda. Even if that’s true, it’s evidence of corruption on the part of the oppo governor of that state. Giving cars to unelected and violent delinquent political cronies is kind of an odd practice, don’t you think?

BTW, Oscar Pérez is far from alone as a common criminal seeking “political” asylum in Peru. Here’s one of his cronies, Manuel Rosales, before HE fled. See if you can see some striking similarities between the behavior of his bullyboys toward journalist Jorge Amorín, and Pérez’s behavior toward Amorín’s colleague, Carlos Echeverri:

And oh joy, oh bliss, there’s another bogus asylum-seeker, too:


Nixon Moreno (don’t you love that name?)–wanted for a vicious assault on two police officers, attempted rape, and attempted murder. The Apostolic Nunciature in Caracas actually sheltered this sinning bastard, if you can believe it. Now the Peruvian government confirms that he’s there, too–seeking asylum, but not yet granted.

What’s that song Otto keeps referencing when something like this happens? By Jove, I think I’ve found it:

* Cabeza ‘e Motor = “Motorhead”, a reference to his past as a notorious car and motorcycle thief. Personally, I prefer Cabeza ‘e Mierda–“Shithead”, a reference to his ongoing status as one of many “leading” turds in the local punchbowl.

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2 Responses to Yet another Venezuelan oppo crook seeks “asylum” in Peru

  1. (snortle, chuckle, smirk, smirk, snortle) I love it when you get really vicious with vicious bastards. The Robin Hood song reeeaaaalllyy ties it. Too bad it’s not in Spanish so the wingnuts in Venezuela, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and the rest of America del Sur could give us great examples of heads exploding. That would have a double accomplishment. Humorous entertainment watching the explosions and assholes eliminated from the world.

  2. Well, they may not have Monty Python (although they’d probably love Manuel the waiter from Fawlty Towers, who speaks just one word of Spanish–“¿Qué?”)
    But Mario Silva is constantly trashing this one (and Burusas, too) on La Hojilla, and Alberto Nolia lets ’em have it on quite a regular basis as well. They are truly shameless, because all this negative exposure hasn’t had the least deterrent effect on them. The only thing that will, is a criminal trial. And now that it’s finally in the works for Cabeza ‘e Mierda, he’s making noises about fleeing the country.
    Brave, brave, brave, brave Señor Mierda.

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