Another day, another death in Tegucigolpe


From Aporrea, more evidence that the Gorilletti dictatorship has got to die:

The National Front Against the Coup D’état in Honduras condemned the murder of one of its leaders during the repression of political anti-coup demonstrations.

The latest victim has been identified as Jairo Sánchez, who was shot in the face during the nighttime protests against the military putsch at a barricade in Tegucigalpa.

Human-rights organizations say the killing took place on September 23, when six other people were wounded by bullets.

Front leaders such as Juan Barahona, the co-ordinator general, and peasant leader Rafael Alegría, warned that the murder of the union leader Sánchez is part of the de facto regime’s efforts to paralyze popular resistance by way of terror.

They reiterated that the popular mobilization will not stop until it has succeeded in restoring constitutional order and the constitutional president, Manuel Zelaya, as well as the convocation of a national constitutent assembly to rewrite the Honduran constitution.

Sánchez received tributes from the members of the resistance during yesterday’s demonstration, when his comrades commemmorated his active participation in the demonstrations against the putsch of June 28.

Translation mine.

There is something you can do about it today. If you’re in Washington, DC, you may want to attend this demo (“near Dupont Circle, 1850 M Street NW”); if not, here’s another way to piss off some seriously nasty lobbyists: Sign this and pass it along to all your democracy-loving friends.

And when you’re done with all that, relax and read the funny papers.

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6 Responses to Another day, another death in Tegucigolpe

  1. Manaat says:

    Where’s your old blog entry with Baduel’s bank account?

  2. Manaat says:

    The case he is being prosecuted for is different, though. This one supposedly involves taking money from some military institute that has a hole of money unaccounted for (something of the order of 12 million dollars or something). There are three people charged, one of whom pleaded guilty. Baduel has apparently simply refused to cooperate with the investigation.

  3. 12 million? Wow. He’s even worse than I thought. Just move that decimal point over one more…yeah…that’s the ticket.
    He’s probably not co-operating because he got a cut of that.

  4. Manaat says:

    This seems to be a response to the Rorrry excrement:

  5. Yeah, I saw that. I should still write a round-up post, though–there’s tons of crap to wade through, and someone’s gotta ridicule it…

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