Economics for Bunnies: A little cautionary ‘toon

Why the “incentive” system, also known as “carrot and stick”, doesn’t work–or at least, not quite as intended.

(And also why you should never mistreat your worker bunnies!)

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4 Responses to Economics for Bunnies: A little cautionary ‘toon

  1. Manaat says:

    If you wanna see Chavez and Lula harvesting soybeans, watch VTV RIGHT NOW 🙂

  2. Jim Hadstate says:

    A meaning I am SURE the money grubbers at Disney never intended. But you are quite right, my Queen. Abuse your worker bunnies at your peril. Bunnies have VERY nasty biting capabilities.
    A nice smiley for Friday. Especially after a depressing visit to the doctor.

  3. Jim, I suspect the money-grubbers had no idea what the subversive creative types were really up to. They probably STILL think this parable is just harmless kiddie entertainment, Ă  la Bugs Bunny. Hope your visit wasn’t too bad of news…

  4. juddgredd says:

    Kids re-act strangely to strange things. IE they might run there little mouths at the wrong topic. Such as that man touched my pee-pee. The perverts at Disney know this.


    Well versed in children. The pervo’s at Disney just might put the child in a winning situation with the adult. To keep the children from being upset.

    Children love cartoons its kind of like candy. Candy can be used to diffuse a bad situation with children. Or they complain very loudly.

    America is a culture of perversion. In many ways. This type of theme is recurrent in many children shows even, in Sesame street. Gee Martha, looked like Ole snidely there was going to stick that carrot up that bunnies ass for a second there.

    Little children. Fuck you Disney. Your a bunch of half witted Egyptians. You know what. We should have fucking left you there.

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