Happy (belated) Columbus Day


An indigenous Panamanian burns the Spanish flag.

Yeah, that colonial imperialism thing is still mega-popular after 500+ years…

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4 Responses to Happy (belated) Columbus Day

  1. Snarla says:

    Hey, did you see El Ecuadorable made #6 on the Hottest Heads of State list?

  2. Woot! Awesome.
    I just wonder why he’s only #6. And why Evo and Chavecito aren’t both in the top 10.

  3. marco says:

    Never understood why we celebrate columbus day in Latin America

  4. Nor I…but then, I’m Canadian, and Columbus is not really a major part of our history. The first European people on our shores were Vikings, and they had Columbus beat by a couple of centuries.

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