Honduras: two mysterious murders, this time from the other side


The bodies of Enzo Micheletti and Samir Gavarrete, found near Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

Strange news, via Aporrea:

A nephew of the de facto president of Honduras, Roberto Micheletti, and a colonel of the armed forces were shot dead in two separate instances, presumably by common criminals, according to the National Police. Both corpses were found in advanced states of decomposition.

Enzo Micheletti, who disappeared on Friday, was found dead on Sunday along with another young man, in a wooded sector near Choloma, north of Tegucigalpa. His hands were tied behind his back, “evidently execution style”, according to the regional co-ordinator of the Public Ministry, Rafael Fletes.

Police spokesman Orlin Cerrato said that despite various theories, they could not connect the killing to the political crisis currently gripping the Central American country.

“The bodies were found on Saturday night, but could not be identified until Sunday. The young man with Enzo Micheletti was identified as Samir Gavarrete,” said Cerrato.

The victim, 25, was the son of Antonio Micheletti, the late brother of the de facto president. He was identified by family members.

In another case, Colonel Concepción Jiménez, manager of the Military Industries, was assassinated by persons unknown in front of his house in Los Robles, south of Tegucigalpa.

The commissar indicated that “Jiménez was in front of his house, and some individuals got out of a taxi and shot him.” He added that the suspects are “three or four young people.” Jiménez died in the military hospital in Tegucigalpa, after receiving a shot to the back.

Cerrato says that both crimes are being treated as “common crimes”, but the investigations continue.

Translation mine.

I don’t know about you, but the execution-style murder of the dictator’s nephew, and the assassination of a colonel who happens to manage a military industry, don’t sound terribly common to me. Let’s not forget that the military was responsible for Gorilletti’s assumption of power. And the swift disappearance of the killers sounds to me like this was a paid hit. Likewise, the execution of Enzo Micheletti.

The real question is, who paid?

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2 Responses to Honduras: two mysterious murders, this time from the other side

  1. Jim Hadstate says:

    I know that it is evil to think it or even say it, but I am going to and worry about it at confession Saturday: Couldn’t happen to two nicer guys.
    The rest of the autocratic oligarchs should look at this and shiver in spite of the warm weather. It has “You’re Next!” written all over it.
    BTW, ‘Bina. Did you see Otto’s (IKN) pictures of Evo with his birthday cake? Shows that socialists have a MUCH better sense of humor than the neo-liberals.
    Also, how do you like my trying out my new netspeak with initials. I still don’t know what half of them mean, but I have to be cool!

  2. I admit, those were pretty much MY first thoughts, too. Second thought was, “Damn shame it couldn’t be Gorilletti and the car-stealing general who put him in power taking the bullets instead!” Third was “Who was that other kid? Poor unlucky bugger couldn’t have picked worse company.”
    And yeah, I saw–Evo looks so cute with a faceful of cake. (He’s cute anyway.) Plus, did you notice the stripes of cake matched his hat? Now THAT’s co-ordination!
    Still waiting to hear what Chavecito’s gonna say about the “shameful lies” of Michael Moore and the bottle and a half of tequila that he would never drink. I’m still chuckling about it…

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