Information Is Beautiful: Wonktacular fun with factoids

I’ve been asked before how I manage to find all the awesome stuff that makes it to this blog. Well, some of it I ferret out myself. But for other bits, I have awesome friends forwarding me stuff. Like today, when my best friend sent me this link–Information Is Beautiful. Even if you’re not a chart-wonk, you’ve got to be impressed with the handiwork of those who are. My fave chart? This one here:


I’m embarrassed at the failing grade my home and native land gets on meeting Kyoto emissions goals (read the bottom row and weep, my fellow Canadians–we are the scum de la scum, after the US which never signed on to Kyoto. Thanks a pantload, Harpo!)

But all the same, I love the “target” presentation. Very effective. Bull’s-eye! And blogrolled. Thanks to P.!

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