Mel cuts the crap

The latest declaration of the legitimate, elected president of Honduras, in full:



Before the mockery and the slap in the face which Mr. Micheletti has dealt to the people of Honduras and the International Community, boycotting the dialogue and using it as a method of prolongation to keep himself arbitrarily in power, we herby declare:

1. We are not disposed to lose the people’s rights in legitimizing this coup d’état.

2. We do not accept the militarization of society and that the President of Honduras be named Head of the Armed Forces.

3. We are not disposed to permit our system to be militarized, and our Democracy stolen, because it is a supreme property of society and the only way to confront the problems of the third most poor economy in Latin America.

4. We warn of permanent violations of human rights, the cancellation of civil liberties and the cancellation and confiscation of communication media, such as Channel 36 and Radio Globo in preparation for a major politico-electoral fraud.

We therefore resolve:

1. To immediately meet with the Councillors of the OAS for the purpose of increasing commercial and economic measures against the de facto regime.

2. We call upon the Resistance and the candidates who condemn the coup d’état, César Ham and Carlos H. Reyes, to speak out immediately on the electoral process and its vices, and the fraud which the de facto regime is preparing.

3. We invite the people to join in, and take the measures necessary to comply with this resolution.

4. We call upon the resistance to remain firm until, at the soonest moment possible, they achieve a triumph for the people, and bring down this dictatorship.


Government of the President of Honduras, José Manuel Zelaya Rosales.

Tegucigalpa, October 16, 2009.

Translation mine.

This is what he should have said all along, instead of trying to compromise with Gorilletti. The clock is still ticking on the election, and if it is not to be a fraud, he had better be restored immediately.

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