More fun with Wikileaks: British Nazis also get popped


Hey, y’know, I could almost like this Wikileaks thing (anti-Chavecito stupidities aside, of course). Sometimes they actually end up doing the public a useful service:

A detailed membership list of the British National party containing names, addresses and telephone numbers was published on the internet this morning.

The list, which contains thousands of names, was published on Wikileaks, a website that purports to be a clearing house for information to be published anonymously.

The source of the data remains unclear but it appears to show details of the BNP’s members and supporters at 15 April this year, as well as data about members whose subscriptions to the party had lapsed.

A Guardian analysis of the data suggests the BNP had 11,811 members as of April, including several doctors and military personnel. The party appears to have benefited from a surge in female recruits, with one in eight party members now women.

Only one in eight a female. Well, that tells you a little something about the gender/fascism link, eh?

Speaking of rare birds, I found the last paragraph hilarious:

In December 2006, an undercover investigation by the Guardian revealed that the organisation’s members included Simone Clarke, then a ballerina for the English National Ballet.

Uh, make that the English NAZI Ballet. (Anorexia eat your brains, Simone?)

BTW, the list’s here, for those in Merrie Olde England who wanna have some fun with it.

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  1. Jeffrey Thomas Piercy says:

    Actually, the number is closer to 1 in 7*. They’re practically feminists!
    *Actually, 1 in 7.240506329

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