Music for a Sunday: Everybody need reverse polarity

The first Rush song I ever heard* wasn’t this one, but it was on the same album. Moving Pictures yields a number of gems that I can’t imagine why they were never released as singles; probably for the reason that there’d have been no B-sides left if they did! (Vinyl…sob…how I miss it!)

Fortunately, they play this one a lot in concert, and they have a lot of good concert videos out. So now you can get the mood lifter. Soft filter. Evelate from the norm. (Yes, that’s a deliberate blooper–a quirk that became so popular that they left it in and even perform it live every time!)

*For those who care, it was “Limelight”. It grabbed my 13-year-old attention for two reasons: lyrics that, refreshingly, had nothing to do with “baby baby baby”, and the fact that here was a dude with a kick-ass name, who sang in my exact vocal range. Still does, too!

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2 Responses to Music for a Sunday: Everybody need reverse polarity

  1. Manaat says:

    So today is Evo’s b-day.

  2. Yep…that’s right, it is.
    Too bad I’m not there right now, or I’d offer myself as a present. LOL!

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