Police brutality against indigenous Mapuches in Chile

Shocking video, showing the carabineros kicking a young indigenous man in the head. Story by Aporrea:

Before the doors of the Commissary of Ercilla in Wallmapu, the press recorded a brutal beating by military police (carabineros) of a young Mapuche, Carlos Curiñao, a beating which stopped only when other police shouted that the press was there and they were being recorded.

The youth was at the station along with his father, Juan Carlos Curiñao, to ask about the detention of one of the leaders of the community of Temucuicui, Juan Catrillanca, among others who were arrested in raids last weekend.

Faced with the evidence of the recording, made public on Tuesday, the general-chief of the Araucania zone, Eros Negrón, confirmed that the carabinero who was most active in the beating has been sacked.

Translatione mine.

Just one more in a long line of human rights violations by police in Chile. Some of them apparently forget that the age of Pinochet is long over. Some of them have trouble remembering that the conquistadors are dead!

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