The CIA is…WHAT?


From the Old Grey Whore of New York, a head-scratching opening to a story that I thought ought to have been open and shut long ago…

Is the Central Intelligence Agency covering up some dark secret about the assassination of John F. Kennedy?

Probably not. But you would not know it from the C.I.A.’s behavior.

“Probably not” means oh yes, they are. If the CIA is acting suspiciously, be suspicious. Very suspicious. And don’t cut your own lede out from under you with qualifiers, because the guy this story is telling us about sure wouldn’t:

The agency’s deception was first reported in 2001 by Jefferson Morley, who has doggedly pursued the files ever since, represented by James H. Lesar, a Washington lawyer specializing in Freedom of Information Act lawsuits.

“The C.I.A.’s conduct is maddening,” said Mr. Morley, 51, a former Washington Post reporter and the author of a 2008 biography of a former C.I.A. station chief in Mexico.

After years of meticulous reporting on Mr. Joannides, who died at age 68 in 1990, he is convinced that there is more to learn.

“I know there’s a story here,” Mr. Morley said. “The confirmation is that the C.I.A. treats these documents as extremely sensitive.”

The article notes early on that Jefferson Morley has “no use for conspiracy thinking”. Yet even he thinks the CIA was conspiring, simply because of how it’s acting. It’s treating something supposedly insignificant as “extremely sensitive”. Now why do you suppose that is?

Oh, only because the CIA has been one big conspiracy since the moment of its inception. Conspiracy is its business–it’s a dead bust at gathering intelligence, so what else could it be for? And because it’s hardly a secret that the “Company” was involved in the JFK assassination right up to its eyeballs, as anyone who’s ever seen The Men Who Killed Kennedy can attest. Yet the NY Whore still plays dumb…

What motive could C.I.A. officials have to bury the details of Mr. Joannides’s work for so long? Did C.I.A. officers or their Cuban contacts know more about Oswald than has been revealed? Or was the agency simply embarrassed by brushes with the future assassin — like the Dallas F.B.I. officials who, after the assassination, destroyed a handwritten note Oswald had previously left for an F.B.I. agent?

Or has Mr. Morley spent a decade on a wild goose chase?

Clearly, the Whore would like us to believe the latter.

Of course, that could be because the NY Whore is itself infiltrated by the CIA. Has been for a long time, and will be until the day it bites the dust. Remember, Operation Mockingbird was never shut down. So of course, they still have an active interest in whitewashing the CIA’s involvement in just about anything that points to it. And they’re still using major newspapers to do it. How very respectable of them!

And if you really want to know the true role of AGENT Lee Harvey Oswald (that’s what he really was!), who began his spook career in Naval Intelligence, was professionally trained in Russian by the US military itself, and tracked U-2 flights over Russia from Atsugi (a curious job for a supposedly avowed communist to have, no?), here ya go–a respected and respectable British documentary team has done your homework for you. Enjoy Episode 4 from the original Men Who Killed Kennedy series…also titled “The Patsy”:

Jim Garrison was right–the whole “pro-Castro” thing was a sham. A “sheep-dipping” in which the CIA set Agent Oswald up to look like a communist and staged a street brawl between him and the same anti-Castro group it was financing in Miami to the tune of $50,000 a month, which was serious money in 1963. It was followed by a very phony radio “debate” between Oswald and his alleged assailants. This all was done so no one would question the contention that he was the “real” assassin, the guy who fired the single, magic bullet that went through both a president’s head, and just about every part of the Governor of Texas, virtually unscathed and from the absolutely wrong direction–an account hotly disputed by eminent forensic pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht, himself not exactly a conspiracy nutcase. Dr. Wecht happens to be one of the world’s top forensic pathologists, with literally thousands of autopsies under his belt. He knows from extensive experience what bullets can and cannot do to human beings. He has stated that if the JFK murder were ever to go to a trial, it would be thrown out of court because the evidence had been botched so badly.

And that’s not even touching on the witnesses. One who would never be called on to testify, because his words would be too incriminating, would be Col. Fletcher Prouty, who was “in that business” in Latin America during the 1950s and notes (also in The Men Who Killed Kennedy) that it was commonplace for the CIA, US military intelligence, etc., to hire assassins from local mafias to bump off political undesirables. How commonplace? There was actually a manual instructing local operatives to do just that.

As it turns out, the assassin hired by the CIA–or one of them, at any rate–was a Corsican mobster named Lucien Sarti, feared and hated even in the mafia for his recklessness and ruthlessness. The Corsican mob had lost millions in casino revenues when Fidel Castro shut down their interests in Cuba, so it stands to reason that they would jump at the chance to band together with a powerful and secretive organization like the CIA to assassinate Castro…or, failing that, a president who had reneged on his “promise” to oust him when the Bay of Pigs invasion flopped. Sarti was chosen because he was white, because he knew how to use disguises to blend in with the locals (he was dressed in a Dallas police uniform when he fired from the “Grassy Knoll”), and because he was about as professional and cold-blooded a killer you could ask for–he used frangible bullets, as evidenced by the way JFK’s head blew up in the Zapruder film. (Karma got back at him for it about nine years later–Sarti was himself shot dead in Mexico City in 1972.) Here’s a chilling close-up look at Sarti’s part in the plot:

Independent writers and researchers have been on this story since the get-go. The witnesses have been literally dying to tell the truth, and they were shut out by the Warren Commission, the US government, and God only knows who all else. They were also shut out by the “respectable” mainstream media. Guess why.

If you believe the official whitewash and scoff at the “conspir
acy theories”, congratulations. You’re an idiot, and the NY Whore would love to keep you that way. That’s why it’s doing such a half-assed job of reporting on the work of a real journalist struggling to get to the bottom of the matter. That’s why it’s treating this latest researcher so dismissively. It wants you to think that everyone still investigating a “case closed” is some kind of nutter.

I, however, would like to see you educate yourself. That’s why I put this up here. Go on, now, and do your own homework. And ignore that whore on the streetcorner, lifting her skirt and flashing her panties at you. She’s got nothing to sell you but the same old crap.

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5 Responses to The CIA is…WHAT?

  1. Toe says:

    Fascinating vids, thanks.

  2. Polaris says:

    Lots of great information.
    Back around 1964 Oswald’s mother said he was a CIA agent set up to take the blame for JFK’s death.
    A curious thing about Oswald in some of his biographies is that some people said his Russian was poor, while at about the same time others said his Russian was quite good.
    Perhaps at times Oswald thought it best to make his Russian language skills seem minimal, or he could have been ordered to do so.

  3. Yes, there are a lot of “inconsistencies” about Oswald that only make sense in light of the consideration that he was being “sheep-dipped”. I suspect that he learned Russian in order to be dangled before Russian intel; that he was to give them fake data in exchange for real nuggets. When that failed, he was brought home, Marina and daughter in tow. (A dead giveaway, for me, that he was being dangled, is that he never renounced his US citizenship, as one would expect a real defector to do.)
    There are four other episodes in the DVD series; these are #s 4 and 2, respectively. But they’re all worth watching, because they reveal truly amazing information–including, in #6, hard scientific evidence that the kill shot came from the front and to the right, just as all the eyewitnesses at the scene said it had. Tom Wilson, who had made a profession out of analyzing product surfaces photonically for imperfections during his years with US Steel, decided to turn his skills to analyzing the photos from the JFK assassination. He was able to analyze the Mary Moorman picture (in which Badgeman, a.k.a. Lucien Sarti, appears), stills from the moment in the Zapruder film when the president’s head comes apart, and the purported autopsy pictures (which he found to be heavily falsified, in addition to there being mortician’s wax in the very spot where the assassin’s bullet entered at the right temple!) All the evidence points to conspiracy–not only in terms of assassins other than Oswald, but also of a cover-up of this salient fact. But what’s most amazing at all is that the lethal bullet may have come from out of a storm drain–the analysis points in that direction, and independent researchers have verified that it would indeed have been possible for an assassin to get into the manhole, either at a time when no one was passing by, or else via a storm sewer leading in from the Trinity River, and fire a shot out the storm drain. Then, all he would have had to do to escape unseen, would be to slip back out via the Trinity River, where the storm sewer empties!
    Robert Groden’s hard-to-find DVD, “JFK: The Case For Conspiracy”, also tackles the various film and photographic evidence scientifically, as well as providing interviews with several of the same eyewitnesses seen here. The doctors at Parkland Hospital are all unanimous–they saw an entry wound in the right temple, and the back of the head was for the most part gone, indicating an exit wound there. The sign-language testimony of Ed Hoffman, the deaf-mute, is really striking–he saw not only the “Badgeman” shooter firing from behind the picket fence, but also the extensive damage to the back of JFK’s head as the convertible limo passed under the overpass where he was sitting. That part is hard for me to watch, because what Hoffman describes is extremely graphic and leaves no doubt that he got a good look at the huge, hideous exit wound; while lacking in medical terminology, his account agrees fully with the Parkland doctors’.
    Groden analyzed sound recordings from a Dallas police motorcycle officer’s open mike as well as the Zapruder film (and various other films made that day), and has found evidence for at least half a dozen shots fired, from at least three distinct locations. One was the Texas School Book Depository (but not the window where Oswald was allegedly perched); another, the Grassy Knoll; the third, the storm drain. It seems to me that whoever ordered the hit, really hedged their bets in terms of shooters–they made sure that if one or another missed, the third would hit! And there is nothing more indicative of a real conspiracy than that.

  4. Polaris says:

    Now that JFK’s death is nearly 50 years in the past many of the guilty parties are no longer alive to be prosecuted. I wonder if it’s opening more floodgates.
    E. Howard Hunt’s recent deathbed confession comes to mind, but I am not sure how valid it is.

  5. Well, Hunt was certainly an important player, but I’m not sure if he was key. David Atlee Phillips seems to have been a notch above him. George Joannides is long gone, and he was a key figure at JM/WAVE, the Miami CIA station that financed and trained all those anti-Castro ex-Cubans. There’s not a single “pro-freedom Cuban” group that isn’t in some way tied to the CIA–it’s co-opted just about every one, if not starting them up directly itself.
    I find it appalling that so many of the guilty are going to their graves unprosecuted, but not surprising. After all, the assassination files are supposed to be sealed for a full 70 years. That’s long enough to make sure everyone is stone dead that had even a small role to play!

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