Ti-Jean tells it like it is


Actually, I call shenanigans* on dis–the lol-maker forgot to put de h’apostrophes on all de haitch-words, h’as Ti-Jean would.

(Everything else, ‘owever, h’is correct!)

*Or should dat be “Shawinigans”?

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4 Responses to Ti-Jean tells it like it is

  1. Manaat says:

    Who is Ti-Jean?

  2. Jean Chrétien, our former prime minister. (He was in the PMO two administrations ago, followed by Paul Martin and then Harpo.)

  3. ceti_alpha says:

    The Queen just made him part of her honourary circle. Le p’tit gars makes Her Majesty laugh! Suck it Gomery!
    (Although Jean’s a thug, he’s sort of a lovable one).

  4. The pepper, he puts it on his plate.

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