Unloaded, you say?

Whoa! Careful there, big fella. And next time, double check before you wave that thing around!

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3 Responses to Unloaded, you say?

  1. saskboy says:

    That looks real 😐

  2. Jim Hadstate says:

    Oh, ‘Bina. What would we do without you? The police officer announces that he is “… the ONLY one professional…” enough to BANG!
    I am still chuckling over the look on his face and the dance he is doing. Thank God no one was hurt. I guess that was an object lesson in what he was talking about, though. No gun is ever unloaded, no matter what you think.
    Hope you are over the creeping crud soon!

  3. Thanks, Jim, I’m doing better. About 95% of normal now, and expecting to be back at full bore by this time tomorrow. Just translating some good stuff about Chavecito right now.
    And yeah, this guy should have done his unloading outside, on the range–not in the classroom! Instant Teachable Moment. LOL!

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