Yep, Goldilocks was a spy, all right…

…and leave it to Silverfox to suss Goldilocks out:

The Bolivian vice-president, Alvaro García Linera, confirmed that the recent nomination of the former US ambassador to Bolivia, Philip Goldberg, as intelligence undersecretary in his country, is proof that his stay in Bolivia had conspiratorial purposes.

“We can confirm that we were facing an extremely dangerous person, whose task here had nothing to do with diplomacy, but with conspiracies and spying,” said García, in a press conference with local media on Tuesday.

García added that the nomination of Goldberg to this new post is proof that the decision taken to expel him from Bolivia in 2008 was the correct one. At that time, the government of Evo Morales declared Goldberg to be persona non grata, accused him of conspiring against Bolivian institutions, and ordered him to leave the country in September of that year.

Translation mine.

Of course, none of this should come as any surprise to those who’ve followed this blog. Remember this infamous photo?


That’s Goldilocks on the right, in this grainy nighttime image shot by a Bolivian TV crew, hanging out with Rubén Costas, oppo douchebag extraordinaire. Why he would secretly meet with the oppos, while shunning the president, was apparently no mystery after all. Would you shake hands with a man you were hoping to depose–or get killed?

Evo’s not dumb, he knows scum when he smells it. And he made a very smart decision to get at least one (now proven) scumbag the hell out of his country.

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2 Responses to Yep, Goldilocks was a spy, all right…

  1. ceti_alpha says:

    The latest “Yes We Can”: Obama has just topped Bush in the number of Golf games played in his entire two-term administration. Can it be? Bush had more sense than Obama to refuse to play golf while the country was at war? Can Obama be an even bigger wanker?
    And now this (dis)appointment of Goldberg. Makes me almost believe in Alex Jones… Almost…

  2. Oh, to be a fly on the wall in the Oval Office, to see who’s feeding Hopey all this bad data on LatAm. My educated guess is it’s oil and nat-gas interests.

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