Short ‘n’ Stubby: A little bit of this, a little bit of that…


Some small odds ‘n’ ends I couldn’t go longer about:

Craig Murray, former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan, heartily sympathizes with Richard Colvin, the Canadian diplomat who found Afghanistan to be no better. He also demolishes all pro-torture arguments very nicely. Thanks to Rick B. at Ten Percent for this one.

In light of the current situation in Dubai, Johann Hari’s highly observant piece from a few months ago in the UK Independent is worth revisiting. What say ye now, O ye detractors?

Honduras Coup 2009 says don’t believe the hype; the “election” slated for tomorrow is a farce. Yeah, we kind of knew that already. But they have all the details on what makes it one. Essential reading!

LatAm’s cutest president (and best foreign-trained economist) says South America won’t recognize the outcome of the Honduran farce no matter who “wins”. Why? Because everyone knows who’s gonna lose. Trust the man, he knows a thing or two about making a once-unstable country governable. He got himself re-elected in a country famous for overthrowing presidents mid-term!

Eva Golinger exposes yet another shocking congressional cover-up over Colombia. Your taxpayer dollars at work, USA.

The IMF and Inter-American Development Bank are now lining up to praise Evo–for taking their advice and trashing it. El Duderino’s got the goods.

Amy Goodman’s plight has even made the news in Venezuela. I am REALLY hanging my head over this one!

Why is Roger Federer promoting lung cancer? Inquiring minds want to know.

And finally, if you like the little bumper-sticker on my right-hand column that says “I Support the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms”, you can get a copy of it for your own site courtesy of Broughton Bob in BC. Don’t know what the Charter’s all about? Here ya go.

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3 Responses to Short ‘n’ Stubby: A little bit of this, a little bit of that…

  1. Anthony says:

    Yeah, the situation in Honduras – where some thug sponsored by Jackboot-Jim DeMint steals power and tries to justify the overthrow of President Zelaya – is getting really horrible. And while Correa is certainly on the right track denouncing tomorrow’s Selection in Honduras, Costa Rica’s President Oscar Arias is folding and aligning himself with the dark side.
    Guess if I’m happy that the Oriental Republic beat them for that last FIFA World Cup spot. And oh, how is Lacallous doing in the polls…? (ROFL)
    So while I’ll celebrate Mujica’s win tomorrow, I’ll mourn for democracy in Honduras. We can’t afford another Operation Condor.

  2. Slave Revolt says:

    Well, it just shows that Canada isn’t that far removed with the patterns of oligarchic domination and deep brain-washing as exists in the empire.
    Wish you would comment a bit about Haiti–which exposes the much vaulted Obama as no more than a tool for advancing an essentially anti-democratic adgenda.

  3. Anthony, I’m not surprised about Oscar Arias–he’s basically taken the untenable “middle way” on this, all the way. It stands to reason that he won’t fight. It’s really not his fight anyway, as he has no real power in this; he’s just a pawn. (We all know whose, by now.) It’s sad, but it was foreseeable.
    And Slave, not much news is coming out of Haiti–that worries me, of course, since no news is NOT good news. I have the distinct sense that someone is trying to starve those poor people out. They couldn’t do it with Cuba, so they’re trying to do it with Haiti. I sadly fear that they just might succeed.

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