A very familiar story from Colombia

Gabriel González, a Colombian human rights activist, faces false charges of leading a guerrilla group. He’s far from being the only one. Under El Narco Uribe, anyone who expresses dissent with his right-wing authoritarian government is very likely to be slapped with the same stigma. They are also likely to be murdered by right-wing paramilitaries with ties to the Uribe government.

Remember this the next time you hear an Uri-beastie babbling on about El Paraco’s commitment to “peace” and “democracy”. Colombia is not peaceful. And since leftists are killed there as a matter of nauseating regularity, one can’t call it a democracy either. In a real democracy, you don’t get killed for being a partisan of something other than the ruling party (or parties).

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3 Responses to A very familiar story from Colombia

  1. Anthony says:

    Operation Condor lives on in Colombia with Álvaro “All Our Base Are Belong To U.S.” Uribe at the helm, it seems.

  2. Bingo.
    And that Colombian paramilitary chief (a woman, no less!) captured in Maracaibo, Venezuela? She’s part of the vanguard of the takeover attempt in the rest of South America, too. Colombian paras have repeatedly served as mercenaries to the Venezuelan opposition, who can’t handle democracy because it keeps handing them a resounding defeat. So they’re trying to take over by force, and they’ve repeatedly used Colombian paras to help them in their putsches. Naturally, they too are sellouts to Washington, and as such, heavily reliant on the NED, USAID, IRI, etc. for money, ideology, weapons, and strategies of violence. Eva Golinger has documented this criminal interference in at least two books by now.

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