Bolivian terror cell update: Branko and Rubén are now wanted men


Gee, Rubén and Branko, you’re looking kinda scared. Maybe because the federales have the goods on you?

From Bolivian news agency Erbol, the latest:

The Chamber of Deputies, who yesterday approved a report from the parliamentary commission investigating the terror cell dismantled last April 16 in a Santa Cruz hotel, recommended that Branko Marinkovic, former president of the Comité Pro Santa Cruz, and Rubén Costas ex-civic leader and departmental prefect, be investigated in connection with the same case.

Both were cited by witnesses during the investigation as presumed financiers of the irregular activities of the terrorist group, which was headed by the Bolivian-Croatian-Hungarian, Eduardo Rózsa Flores, who died in the antiterrorist operation.

The document, which in the next few hours will pass to the Public Ministry, calls for the Ministry of the Exterior and Interpol to aid in the extradition of those involved with the armed cell, who have fled the country over the course of the investigations.

Among them are Alejandro Melgar, Hugo Achá, Luis Hurtado, Lorgio Balcázar, Alejandro Brown, Ronny Hurtado, Juan Carlos Velarde, Enrique Vaca and Orlando Justiniano.

The investigations proved that the attempted putsch in Santa Cruz was financed by individuals and groups wanting the eastern territory to secede from the rest of Bolivia. The parliamentary commission began its investigation last April 21, six days after the police operation which neutralized the terrorist cell.

In that operation, along with Rózsa Flores, a Hungarian-Croatian, Magyarosi Arpád and an Irishman, Michael Martin Dwyer, were also killed. Detained were Mario Tadic (Bolivian with Croatian passport) and Elöd Tóásó, a Hungarian.

Translation mine.

Heh, how timely. This comes just a few hours after I was spammed this morning (on this entry, now closed) by some right-wing troll from Hungary (wait till Saturday and you’ll see who makes Wankers of the Week!) who doesn’t want to believe that the beloved Magyarosi Arpád was a terrorist who died in a shootout. Sorry to disappoint you, dude, but he was:


Since when do innocent victims of evil communist dictators pose cockily with assault rifles and pal around with well-known right-wing mercenaries like Eduardo Rózsa Flores? And since when do they take money from the likes of Branko Marinkovic and Rubén Costas–well known fascist putschists both?

Shoulda stuck to folk music, kiddo. Your life might not have been so exciting, but at least it wouldn’t have ended so soon and so messily at the hands of justice…

EDIT, 9:42 am: The Hungarian spammer has struck again, as anticipated. And get this: It claims to be the would-be assassin’s mother. Yeah, RIGHT. Amid all those fascist lies about Bolivia? I don’t believe a word of it. On the off chance that the mother part is true, I can only say this: You did a lousy job raising your son. Should have taught him that right-wing fanaticism, TERRORISM and mercenarism will get him very deservedly killed. Sic semper imbecilis!

BTW, your SPAM e-mails (replete with calls for the assassination of the legitimate, elected president of ALL Bolivia!) are in a folder marked “ABUSIVE”. Do I need to spell out that uttering death threats against anyone is a crime? One more strike, and Interpol will hear from me–and receive forwards of everything you left behind. Take a hint–cease and desist.

Second update, 11:50 am: Troll strikes third time unlucky. Comments closed, and worse on the way for you, spamtard!

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