Dame Pa’ Matala violently attacked in Aragua

This just in…

In the early morning hours on Sunday, the members of the musical group Dame Pa’ Matala were victims of an act of violence, when four armed men assaulted the vehicle in which they were travelling after leaving last night’s concert, “A Song for the People”, in La Carlota, Caracas.


Guitarist William Alvarado told Radio Nacional de Venezuela (RNV) that the incident occurred in TejerĂ­as, in the state of Aragua, where the vehicle was hit by bullets.

Translation mine.

This band is strongly Chavista, so it may be an act of political violence or intimidation. They are well known for their appearances on La Hojilla.

More later, as more facts become known.

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9 Responses to Dame Pa’ Matala violently attacked in Aragua

  1. Jim Hadstate says:

    I watched them (and all the others. Wow! I didn’t know those uncultured Socialist Commie Pinko’s could have so much talent and…well…culture. I hope everyone is OK.
    BTW, ‘Bina, VTV has a really good show on called “Como Ustedes Pueden Ver” and this one discusses the Oh So Very Cultured oppos in Venezuela and the Oh So Classy way that they exercise their disagreement so very publicly with that iron-fisted, human rights denying, murderous, free speech denying “dictator”, that POPULARLY ELECTED President Hugo Chavez. It is very good humor! (Maybe the US financed oppos had the wrong country. Sounds more like Colombia and El Narco-Presidente. I guess that it was one too many Manhattans at the country club before the “demonstration.”)

  2. Yep…the Robertos sure know how to hand the oppos their butts.
    I especially love it when they have “Joanna Peachum”, the ex-CIA agent and Bush supporter, on the show. She always appears in a ski mask and trench coat, and talks with an exaggerated gringo accent, using verb infinitives because she doesn’t know how to conjugate, etc. Great laughs.

  3. Manaat says:

    It looks like Peru has granted asylum to Nixon Moreno.

  4. Manaat says:

    My Spanish vocabulary expands everytime I watch that show. “Estos lechuguinos, estos petimetres, se escandalizaron … con esa afectacioooon que los caracteriza” 🙂

  5. Crap, why am I not surprised? The government of Peru must really love rapists and would-be cop-killers. I know they never met a corrupto they couldn’t adore…

  6. Manaat says:

    Peru apparently granted Nixon Moreno asylum as a “refugee”. UNHCR issued a communique that it was not consulted on the decision.

  7. Uff, who needs consultation with the UN? After all, they would only say that he’s a rapist, a would-be murderer, and a general bastard!

  8. Manaat says:

    Tune into VTV. Dame pa´matala are on. They seem to be okay more or less. They stole their instruments it seems.

  9. And now they’re talking about that fucking thug Nixon Moreno. Ugh.

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