Exclusive! New drug developed in Gringolandia!


Its commercial name, in English, is Idongivadam, and it’s apparently related to Damnitol and Fukitol. According to Globoterror,

It is made from the extract of a plant grown on the island of Borneo, and mixed with opium from liberated Afghanistan and a tiny dose of supermarijuana from various domestic plantations in the states of Ohio and Arkansas.

Side effects include slight dizziness, pains in the neck, excessive intestinal gas, post-coital hallucinations, talkativeness, uncontrolled laughter, nightmares, urinary inhibition, heart palpitations, pain in the left arm, oppression of the chest, pre-infarct, post-infarct and rigor mortis.

Just the thing for the oppos in Venezuela and Bolivia who have trouble accepting the will of the uppity peasants. Hooray!

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2 Responses to Exclusive! New drug developed in Gringolandia!

  1. Manaat says:

    Jose Vicente Rangel’s column in Ultimas Noticias today says that a scandal is soon about to explode concerning a TV station receiving money from narcos. Now which TV station could that be?

  2. Oh, surely NOT the one with the bad reporting, the obvious assassination calls, and the “ZOMG something’s happening!!!111eleventy-one!!!” drama-music.
    Surely not!

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