How Venezuela sees Obama


This mural, on Bolívar Avenue in downtown Caracas, says it all: Obama is a toy of the imperialists, “totally manipulable”.

Better work on that image, Barack…and no, a PR campaign won’t cut it. These people aren’t stupid!

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5 Responses to How Venezuela sees Obama

  1. greengeeta says:


  2. ceti_alpha says:

    Whoah, Obama is either a Terminator or a Visitor in disguise in this poster.
    Interestingly, Obama can also be seen as a corporate Manchurian Candidate, but the one from the updated version.

  3. Cort Greene says:

    Great site and thank you for your hard work.
    Could you please email me the Obama jpg since it does not show up on the computers I use or you could just sent the photo directly.
    Rojo Rojito
    [edit: e-mail address removed for privacy’s sake]

  4. el humano says:

    Hey Chavez, great blog of yours!
    Keep up the “good fight” man, don’t let any of those suckers find out the scam!

  5. Real funny, Little Penis Man. Perhaps you’d like to unveil your “truth”?

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