Islamist zealots: An endangered species?

Get set to see fewer of these guys on the streets, as former zealots see the light…


Hey neo-con warhawks, don’t feel too smug–you’re in deep shit too. Why don’t ya chow down on this

I began to hear about a fragile new movement that could just hold the answers we journalists have failed to find up to now. A wave of young British Islamists who trained to fight – who cheered as their friends bombed this country – have recanted. Now they are using everything they learned on the inside, to stop the jihad.

Seventeen former radical Islamists have “come out” in the past 12 months and have begun to fight back. Would they be able to tell me the reasons that pulled them into jihadism, and out again? Could they be the key to understanding – and defusing – Western jihadism?

Go. Read the whole thing (which is too long to excerpt and comment on here). Then come on back and tell me exactly why you still believe anyone should be making war on Afghanistan and Iraq. Your phantom menace, the thing you’re depending on to keep recruiting cannon fodder at home, is now eating itself.

And considering that they were an extreme minority within Islam all along, it should hardly come as a surprise that the majority of Muslims reject them. Just as a majority of westerners reject neoconservatism.

Both sets of extremists–your days are numbered.

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  1. Manaat says:

    Johann Hari had some great pieces on Venezuela sometime back too.

  2. Wouldn’t surprise me if he did–he always has been one for getting past the crap out front. That’s rare in a mainstream journo these days…

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