More fun with Wikileaks: David Irving gets popped


Looks like the best tool in the anti-fascist arsenal just might be the Internets, after all. Look who’s the latest to get leaked on Wikileaks:

Attached is an email message database for the controversial holocaust historian David Irving. The email addresses used by Mr. Irving are and The data was passed to WikiLeaks by an anti-fascist hacker.

The leak went public on November 14–the day Irving was slated to speak in New York City. No word on precisely where. This secrecy was apparently what prompted the hacking, according to the Phoenix New Times (and the leak itself). In the process, it turns out that his buxom blond assistant, Jaenelle Antas, who even posted to Stormfront on his behalf (iiiiiiiiick!), is getting fed up with the way he treats her:

You asked for more advance notice if I wanted to flounce out–I am considering it. You were very well behaved on this whole tour up until this past week when you have been snotty, rude, and disrespectful towards me. This is exactly the same way you behaved last summer and the very reason I flounced out then.

I don’t care if you are frustrated, angry, stressed out, tired, or whatever–treating anybody the way you have been treating me is unacceptable. I bend over backwards to help you out on this tour, doing jobs that last year you would have done yourself, and not just making bookings, but also doing things like driving, helping you secure funds to reprint books and locating second-hand books. The only thanks I usually get are long whines about how something isn’t exactly perfect.

Why would anybody in the world want to work with or even be friends with someone who is acting the way you have been acting lately? You like to say you treat me better than anyone else does, but the truth is, lately you have treated me worse than anyone else ever has. It hurts my feelings, it makes me angry and resentful, and it makes me question whether or not I should be doing this job anymore.

Hmmm. I wonder if this speaking engagement was one of the bookings she speaks of. Probably is!

And speaking of the engagement, here’s a message revealing the probable venue:

*Hello “J” or David Irving,

Venue for New York City on Saturday Nov. 14, from 6-10PM or 7PM-11PM 4 hour


Catholic Kolping Society

165 East 88th Street

(Between Lexington Avenue & 3rd Avenue)

New York, NY 10028

Should not be more than $300.00–Will know exact cost later…Call me anytime: 917-974-6367


Michael Santomauro

Editorial Director

Call anytime: 917-974-6367


Oh boy, somebody is in for major embarrassment now. He’s the “editorial director” for this slimy revisionist site. You can read more about him and the kind of bogus “hidden history” he espouses here. And here is another interesting indictment of his character, and that of those he pals around with and/or inspires to new heights of paranoia.

And surprise! He’s on Stormfront, too. So much for his playing-both-sides denials that he’s an antisemite. You don’t find anyone there who’s not one.

BTW, the event was cancelled when the Kolping Society got wind of what was really going on. Looks good on ya, Michael.

And here are some other major embarrassments for you to peruse and chuckle over:

NJ list for tomorrow incl latecomers



Date: Fri, Nov 13, 2009 12:00 am

[Attachment] NJ_list_incl_latecomers_12.11.09

Darling J, you are so efficient and beautiful. Please work your magic on (a)

attached list (b) me

That’s from Irving to his lovely assistant. I wonder what he meant by (b)…

Question about this Saturday in NYC

From: Allen Rouse


Date: Thu, Nov 12, 2009 12:37 pm

Hello Mr.Irving,

My name is Allen Rouse and my wife and I will be attending your talk this Saturday in NYC. I am part of the media group at Stormfront, I do a weekly program on Stormfront Radio called “The Staropramen Show”, Staropramen is my username there. I would like to know if it would be possible for me to videotape the talk on Saturday for Stormfront. Don Black, SF’s proprietor has informed us that a major overhaul is being done to the site in the coming weeks which will include our own video hosting capabilities and it would be nice to have this talk for this new feature. I look forward to meeting you and enjoying your always brilliant and informative talks.

Yours truly,

Allen Rouse/Staropramen

Uh oh, looks like somebody’s been outed! Heh heh heh. (This one was apparently also at the NYC engagement–or rather, hoping to be.)

And here’s one that frankly creeps me out:

Larry D—- [] has written:

I enjoyed your Houston lecture very much and was glad to see that you were well, especially because you have been through quite a bit since I saw you in Idaho

some four years ago. I have been a fan for years, but I found particular

interest in last night’s talk due to the fact that I have just embarked on a new

career in Military Intelligence. I find myself referencing WW2 with each new

concept I learn in training, resulting in [I believe] a better understanding of

the material than my peers who do not study history. For this knowledge of WW2, I thank you. Your books are quite compelling and have been my favorites.

Your lovely assistant mentioned that she will send a copy of your web-archives

on disk, just as you agreed to do for another gentlemen in attendance last

night. I thank you (both) very much.

Your tour of Rastenburg looks as if it is a one of a kind event. I do hope that

things go well enough in order for you to have a second one; I will be unable to

go to this one, as I will still be in training. Perhaps I can follow your trip online.

Kindest Regards,

The signature says he’s a second lieutenant in the US Air Force. Uh, USAF? You may want to vet your officers more closely. Just a friendly suggestion.

You may also want to take a closer look at this one, while you’re at it:

Montgomery,AL Visit



Date: Tue, Oct 20, 2009 2:18 pm

Will be out of town in Gulf Shores, AL playing in a golf tournament during your

visit. I look forward to your new WW II book.

Sorry I am going to miss this visit. I will send a donation to Key West to help

with expenses.

Two questions:

1.If I could arrange it, would you be interested in speaking at the US Air Force

top professional military officers school the Air War College located here in

Montgomery at Maxwell AFB on some future visits? The college has about 300

colonels/ lieutenant colonels in attendance. I was a senior faculty member at

the College when I retired.

2. What did you think of Pat Buchanan’s book “Churchill, Hitler, and the

Unnecessary War”?


The signed name (and home address) is that of an Air Force colonel in Alabama. Yeek. If this he’s on active duty, he should definitely come to the generals’ attention, no?

Here you go, Generals dear–check ’em all out for yourselves: That Wikleaks link, again…

I stripped the major identifiers from them here, but you can find the uncensored versions there without undue difficulty. Happy hunting!

And maybe it’s time to consider just what the ramifications of protecting Nazi nonsense under the rubric of “free speech” really are, eh? After all, didn’t your forces fight against this during World War II? Be a damned shame if it ended up destroying what you’ve pledged to defend, no?


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2 Responses to More fun with Wikileaks: David Irving gets popped

  1. Jim Hadstate says:

    OMG, ‘Bina. This is some REALLY GREAT reporting. The more I read the scarier it got! I posted an article some time ago about the Christo-fascists that Blackwater specifically recruited from the US military. Before that, I had another article about the Fundamentalists pushing their version of Christian Jihad in the US military. Basically, it’s creed (screed may be a better word) is that unless you are a Protestant Christian, you need to die.
    This is really scary. The other part of all this is that a bunch of Generals in the Pentagon belong to ‘The ‘C’ Street Project’, that den on iniquity that apparently preaches, among other things, that infidelity is OK as long as you are a Senator or Congressman or General or Governor… . The ‘C’ Street Project seems to be the source of this Christo-Fascism in the US military. Ugh! What a nasty bunch this is.
    I wonder how your article can get more circulation. It really needs to be put out there in general circulation. This is too scary and too intensely good not to be on something like the Huffington Post or something similar.

  2. Y’know, I was very, VERY sorely tempted to leave all the e-mail addies and identifiers in, and the only thing that stopped me was the realization that these are FASCISTS. They stop at nothing. Murder means fuck-all to them, and they might well take out a cross-border hit on me. They have all the morals of a sewer rat (and I suspect that’s an insult to sewer rats, saying that.)
    I’m half of a mind to forward that leak link to the Pentagon just the same, though–and hope that someone, somewhere reads it and realizes that these people are the last thing they want in command of even a small handful of troops. (Tim McVeigh got his terrorist start in the army, after all–he was in Gulf War I.)
    Well, since the State Dept. reads this blog, I can only hope that someone there will come to their senses and do the right thing–MAYBE. That is, if their disdain for neo-Nazis outweighs their disdain for Latin American democracy. Which, right now, I’m not optimistic about…

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