Quotable: Montana Wildhack on “good” and “bad” US-Americans

“Good Americans don’t question the essential superiority of America. Many Americans boast that they have no desire to even travel to another country. They believe that it is a sign of patriotism to wallow in ignorance of the rest of the world. Not all Good Americans are quite that patriotic. Some are open to the possibility that there might be other places in the world that are nice to visit. Really open-minded Good Americans think that, if one is quite adventurous, one might even live in another country for a year or two.

“Bad Americans not only think that it is possible to be happy in another country, they’re open to the possibility that there might be things about other countries that are actually nicer than America. Bad Americans would give up their right to own an assault rifle for the right to see a doctor without taking out a loan. They think that public transport shouldn’t just be for people who are too poor to own a car.”

–Montana Wildhack, at the UK Guardian

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