Short ‘n’ Stubby: All Honduras, all day long…


Most of these links are in Spanish, so if you don’t understand, don’t worry. I’ll précis them very precisely…

Mel sez these illegitimate elections are a farce and that “the people will say no to the dictatorship”. He also sez that the country is “militarized”. But he’s just the legitimate president who didn’t get to finish out his term because of a nasty-wasty military putsch, so what does he know?

Chavecito sez it’s all a farce too. Also sez the coup was planned in the US, and that all of Obama’s talk of hope ‘n’ change was hypocrisy as far as LatAm is concerned. But he’s just Mel’s ALBA ally, the legitimate president of Venezuela who fought back a nasty-wasty military putsch, planned in the US, in 2002, so what does he know?

Mel’s daughter, Hortencia, sez she’s not surprised that the US is supporting this armed electoral farce. But she’s just “La Pichu”, the daughter of the legitimate president who didn’t get to finish out his term because of a nasty-wasty military putsch, so what does she know?

Latin American press agency Prensa Latina sez “elections” under a military dictatorship are a bad precedent. Also that Mel sez the military betrayed him by taking orders from a “very voracious elite”, which controls the congress (that’s where Gorilletti comes in; he’s just a crappy congressman). Also that indie candidate Carlos H. Reyes has dropped out, refusing to participate so as not to legitimize the coup. “No Mel, no election”, basically. But he’s just a candidate with integrity, so what does he know?

Venezuelan press agency ABN sez Gorilletti’s thugs violently repressed a peaceful march today in San Pedro Sula. Honduran reporter Daisy Bonilla denounced the beatings and tear-gassings. But she just lives there and has to brave this kind of repression every day, so what does she know?

Oh, and here’s some pix ‘n’ video of that. Whaddya know?

ABN also sez that voter absenteeism has now reached more than 50%. Let the people decide!–and anyway, what do they know?

Patria Grande sez that 800 US “experts” and as many as 5000 reservists are working the “election”. Also that some 10,000 tear-gas grenades and 5000 launchers for same have been deployed so the people can decide freely and without a hitch. But of course, it’s not a “democracy” without a heavy gringo/military presence. I keep forgetting. What would I know? I only live in a country where this shit never goes down on election day.

Al Giordano of Narco News sez state employees were forced (at gunpoint? wouldn’t surprise me at this rate) to attend a “campaign rally”. Also that human rights workers from abroad have been constantly subjected to menaces and surveillance by the military, and have been observing consistent, systematic abuses. En inglés, semi-liveblogged. Enjoy! (Muchas gracias, Big Al @ BoRev.)

TeleSur sez the Honduran resistance is denouncing “menaces, captures and raids”. Also that the streets are anything but festively electoral. But they’re only the democratic citizen resistance against the nasty-wasty military putsch, so what would they know?

In Brazil, Lula sez he’s not gonna play nice. Ain’t gonna rethink his government’s position, and certainly ain’t gonna recognize the outcome, no matter what. But his embassy only gave shelter to the legitimate president who was ousted in a nasty-wasty military putsch, so what does he know?

YVKE Mundial sez 65% abstention, not representative. Whaddya know, Mel was right–the people said no.

And yet, according to BoRev’s liveblogging, there is now a new “president”. Bloomie sez it was “peaceful”, but they never left the oligarchic neighborhoods, so they really wouldn’t know. Auntie Bina wonders what drugs Bloomie’s reporter was on when he filed that dreck. Probably the same hallucinogens as these obscurantist assclowns. Surely not the tear gas that still hangs thick over Tegucigolpe…

So, what can we gather from all this? Basically, all the English-language whore media got this farce deliberately and dreadfully wrong. Who got it right? The World Socialist Web Site. Bill Van Auken predicted a gunpoint election, and he nailed it. Call me a commie, but I’ve seen the pix. The man knows his stuff.

Auntie Bina predicts more protests, and more violent repression, still to come, because the nasty-wasty military putsch isn’t really over, it’s just changed the face of its figurehead. Go ahead, tell me there is something I don’t know.

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