Transgender hate-murders on the rise

…and they are extremely violent, as the statistics in this video show:

Most of the victims are female; an indicator of just how dangerous it is to be a woman, and particularly one who wasn’t born a girl but who became one with medical help. The problem is especially acute among the economically disadvantaged, as these are likely to be the ones who can afford the least amount of gender-realigning treatment. Sexist cultures also play a huge part. Women, transgendered or otherwise, are easy targets in machista societies, particularly in Latin America. The transgendered are particularly vulnerable, however, if their appearance isn’t fully feminized–it’s that much harder to blend in and escape the notice of a rabid machista. Some of these women died when their boyfriends found out (who knows how?) that they were not born girls. Strange and sad how suddenly love can turn into hate…

A large number of those listed here were in Brazil, but what jumped out most at me was how many have died in Honduras–SINCE THE COUP. These women were human rights activists. They died alongside a lot of others–feminists, lesbians, leftists–anyone who stands up to the Gorilletti dictatorship, in other words. I don’t think that’s a coincidence, do you?

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