Wow, who knew?

Chavecito is a LOLcat!


(Actually, this doesn’t surprise me a bit. He’s a Leo. We’re born hams.)

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2 Responses to Wow, who knew?

  1. Boring Technicalities says:

    This belongs on the below closed post about Branko and Costas- who by the way remain free of prosecution until and unless the Ministerio Publico takes Diputados advice from their report… not likely to see movement on this until 2010-
    But just to point out, Bolivia is a Unitary, decentralized state with autonomies. In 1899, La Paz fought a “Federalist” civil war against Sucre for the capital, with much help from the Aymara leader Zarate Willka, who was later betrayed by the La Paz elites and needless to say, Federalism never materialized.
    More recently, though, it was the Santa Cruz fascist/autonomists who sought the federalization of Bolivia, and it was the Unitary national police which brought the bastard terrorists down.
    So, just a pet peeve of mine, but its definitely not “the federales” who are after Branko and Costas!

  2. Well, it may be a technicality, but it’s an interesting one. The historical complications explain a lot. Thanks for the clarification.

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