Honduran dictator says he won’t leave no matter what the world thinks


“Nobody can be above the law. Repeat: Above MY law.”

Sorry I couldn’t come up with a more clever headline than that, but just so’s you all know, Gorilletti is still in power and means to stay even though the world has told him he’s not welcome. Maybe he’ll even usurp the power of the man allegedly elected to replace him (or legitimize his fake presidency); one never knows, based on what he says:

The de facto ruler of Honduras, Roberto Micheletti, once more defied the international community on Tuesday, saying that “even if the world wants it”, he would not leave power, much less allow the legitimate president of the country, Manuel Zelaya, return to power.

“Even if the world were to ask me, even if those countries which have been intransigent view us with hatred, without justification, even then, I wouldn’t do it,” exclaimed the leader installed after the military coup of last June 28.

Micheletti asked: “And what do a few days matter when we have practically six months under our belt? What does it matter for the international community if I stay one or two days more before January 27?”–the day on which Zelaya’s rule constitutionally ends.

“I don’t see what could be the issue for any country in the world that I go one day, two days, seven days or 11 days before” January 27, “because what difference does it make?” he added.

Micheletti said he would not step down until the end of the period “allowed to me constitutionally”, and assured that Zelaya is no longer president of Honduras, but “a common citizen”.

Translation mine.

Gorilletti, of course, is talking out of his ass on every word. That’s nothing new. Here’s what the real, and still legitimate president of Honduras–Mel Zelaya, that is–says:

Dictator Roberto Micheletti, who still heads the de facto government in Honduras, defied the world in imposing a “democratic transition” despite having no moral or juridical authority to do so, says the legitimate president, Manuel Zelaya.

“It’s absurd, after all the global rejection this coup d’état has faced, that now the author of the same imposes an illegal ‘transition’,” said Zelaya in a communiqué from the Brazilian embassy, where he remains, surrounded and assailed by putschist forces, as of September 21.

Zelaya, removed from office by the military on June 28, called Micheletti’s attitude “a juridical aberration and an antidemocratic practice, which incriminates the presidents of Central America in inviting them to participate in this disgrace,” a reference to the government’s planned change-over on January 27 of the coming year.


Zelaya’s ouster, approved by parliament on June 28 after his forcible expulsion from the country by the military, and the ratification of that decision on December 2, are “unconstitutional acts, illegal, in violation of the Tegucigalpa-San José accord, which the national congress resolved was in accordance with the law”, he said.

Zelaya also says that he is in communication with the presidents of the continent, and the OAS, “to see to it that these crimes do not go unpunished, and that the material and intellectual authors of these violations of human rights and crimes against the Honduran people are sanctioned.”

Again, translation mine.

Whose word do you trust? When in doubt, go with the man who was actually elected, and who did not commit crimes against humanity in order to impose his régime and make it stick. In other words, NOT Gorilletti.

Who, incidentally, remains illegitimate, and who passes his illegtimacy on to the puppet designated to succeed him on January 27. That is, if he doesn’t end up snatching power from HIM, too.

One never knows, with Gorilletti…

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