Music for a Sunday: A beautiful song for Bolivia

I thought this was only fitting, since today’s election day down thataway. This should capture the festive spirit nicely, no?

Viva Bolivia, viva Evo, viva Alvaro.

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4 Responses to Music for a Sunday: A beautiful song for Bolivia

  1. monmick says:

    Check out this nice pic of Evo…
    Pretty good one of Hugo too!

  2. Those are great shots, aren’t they?
    And isn’t the one of Lugo laughing just priceless?

  3. monmick says:

    Yep. Is Lugo a RC priest, or is that just the way he dresses?

  4. He used to be a bishop. He got excused from it in order to enter politics. Turns out he also fathered at least two out-of-wedlock children (that I’m aware of), so he may have had other reasons for giving the priesthood up!

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