No great harm without some gain


Well, it looks like Amy Goodman’s run-in with our meshuga border goons has not been a total bust. Her book, which she was in BC to promote, is now a bona-fide bestseller, if this note from her publisher (Haymarket) that landed in my mailbox is any indicator:

Featuring overflow audiences, as covered by the Los Angeles Times and Mail Tribune, hundreds of people across the country have been “Going Goodman” instead of “Going Rogue,” listening to stories from Breaking the Sound Barrier, that put in the place of the usual suspects, voices and viewpoints the corporate media exclude and ignore — a model which clearly caught the attention of the Canadian Border Patrol, who outrageously detained, questioned, and searched Goodman for over 90 minutes this Thanksgiving, over fear of what she may say about the Vancouver 2010 Olympics.

And unlike the Paliness’s poo-pile, Amy’s book will not be a “daggered” entry on the bestseller lists. Nor will it become a “featured” giveaway with any book club’s introductory offers. It’s gonna go on selling steadily on the basis of its own considerable merits.

Congrats, Amy, it couldn’t happen to a more deserving soul!

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