Remember, you heard it here first


“President Uribe…who killed the governor of Caquetá?”

“The FARC.”

“Who massacres Colombian campesinos?”

“The FARC.”

“Who brought down the Twin Towers?”

“The FARC.”

“Who is making Colombia miserable?”

“The FARC.”

Okay, actually, if you understand Spanish and can spare approximately 8 minutes to watch a video of Chavecito addressing his troops, you’ll have heard it here first. I’ll just translate a few key bits for ya:

The president of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, denounced on Monday that the government of Colombia, supported and directed by the United States, is preparing a “false positive” to justify a military action against his country.


The president said that the plan is to create local and worldwide public opinion that Venezuela is supporting the presence on its soil of FARC guerrilla camps, and that the Colombian government, with US backing, is fabricating the “proofs” to justify the attack.

“It shouldn’t be strange that [the government of Colombia], who are killing so many people in Colombia, will kill I don’t know what people, or how many people, on Venezuelan territory in the mountains. They’ll build some huts, an improvised encampment, then bring in some guns and propaganda, and then say ‘there is the camp’,” Chávez said.

And for those who think the government of Colombia is above doing such things in Venezuela, remember: They do it at home all the fucking time.

And it’s not as if they (or the whore media, acting on their behalf) haven’t run around squawking like Chicken Little about you-know-whose imagined aggression against Colombia, either.

But yeah, let’s just pretend that Colombia isn’t being furnished with fully armed drones. Or that the bombing of Ecuador in March of 2008 didn’t happen, much less that it couldn’t have happened without a lot of help from their gringo friends. I mean, that’s what the whore media is doing, right?

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  1. hammer says:

    good for chavez. call it and prepare.
    thank you for keeping us up to date.

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