Short ‘n’ Stubby: Bummerama


Maybe I should have used a pic of a Rumpy Manx instead of this Stumpie? You tell me…

The UK Sun is all agush with the “news” that oil has been “discovered” (again!) in the Falklands/Malvinas/whatever those little rocks in the South Atlantic are really called. The Financial Times puts the kibosh on that bosh, pointing out that it’s not really worth drilling for. Bummer.

It’s getting harder to be a homophobe in New York State when senators like this awesome woman are making such brilliant speeches that just totally take the piss out of you. At this rate, they WILL get same-sex marriage, and soon.

It really must suck, though, to be married to Tiger Woods. Why is nobody hounding him for singlehandedly wrecking traditional marriage? Oh yeah, I think I know…


Or in this case, a whole gaggle of little idiots. “Traditional” marriage, in short, is a real bummer.

It must also really suck to be Lou Dobbs. Old, hateful, petulant and grumpy–and ever more in the wrong. Oh dear!

Afghanistan’s bummer elections have changed Cenk Uygur’s heart. Better late than never, I suppose!

Ad photos retouched? Say it ain’t so! And, bummer for those who would deceive us in order to sell us overpriced crap: A French legislator wants to make sure everyone knows it.

And finally, a rude awakening for those who idolize Victoria’s Secret models: Yep, they’re retouched too. Diet, exercise, surgery–and that ain’t all. They have 20 layers of makeup all over everything, including their tushes. Bummer!

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