Short ‘n’ Stubby: Hell on Wheels edition


Wanda Sykes takes on Tiger Woods. He better be thankful she doesn’t play golf, because this smart funny lady never misses.

A certain Canadian mining company claims to be in business to benefit the indigenous people of Mexico, but a dead anti-mining organizer could tell you very differently, if he’d only lived. Y’see, he was shot by goons–hired by said company. Oh yeah, and he’s indigenous, if his photo’s anything to go by. Muchas gracias to Otto for that one. (All the more reason for Parliament to require Canadian companies doing business abroad to export the social responsibility we expect of them here at home, no?)

Wanna see Chavecito get adorable? Watch the first minute or two of the second segment here. Spanish only, but the adorability requires no translation.

For the Sally Ann, it seems that “illegal” kids are less needy than others, and therefore less deserving of a toy. Never mind that the US economy would have collapsed sooner if not for the virtual slavery of these kids’ parents. No, they don’t deserve anything, just because their folks crossed the Rio Grande without puppy-papers…and rich capitalists are taking advantage of that very fact.

Anti-farcist Hondurans are flashing the finger to demonstrate that they didn’t vote. (It’s the LITTLE finger, gutterminds!) Muchas gracias to Cort G. for that one.

The National Security Archive in Washington, DC, has presented several evidentiary documents, including a verified “death squad diary”, to the Spanish courts for use in the trials of several Guatemalan military thugs. Looks like impunity’s about to end for the genocidal leaders of the 80s, at least the local ones. Now, how about their gringo handlers?

The new puppet of Honduras talks tough at Chavecito, but remains suspiciously silent toward the real troublemaker, namely Lula.

BTW, there was NO legal basis for removing Mel from office. Are any of the apologists out there aware of that? It means the Honduran “election” was illegitimate. Period.

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